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How To Use Presumably In A Sentence?

  • The first, as all are aware, is only a conventional sign and presumably not phonetic.
  • For this wild assertion, presumably of episcopal authority, they were all heavily fined.
  • The street, save for a distant and presumably somnolent policeman, was deserted.
  • The sixth man lingered within earshot of the officers, presumably to pick up further suggestions.
  • Fragments of wood and cloth, presumably remains of his staff and robes, were still to be seen.
  • The telegram in question, like many others, was presumably deciphered by the English.
  • On the 24th she came back through the Narrows, presumably to the immense relief of the Turks.
  • The signature of the second will presumably resembles those of the cheques drawn about the same date.
  • The snipe were taken as they came to feed on ground presumably containing food of which they were fond.
  • These gentlemen preempted several tracts of government land at presumably desirable spots in the wilderness.
  • It is interesting to notice that the live stock were enumerated before the slaves, presumably because they were the more valuable.
  • The presumably greater value of the latter may be consumed by the heavier carrying charge before returns are available.
  • It had passed several potential shelters but had not attempted to use them, presumably because it was not familiar with the area.
  • But there was another trial now, and we were directed to rest billets in what presumably had been a two-story schoolhouse or seminary.
  • At least we see men, presumably having access to the same facts, drawing from them very different conclusions.
  • The community would get no less tax revenue, but presumably more, than it does under the present system.
  • The estate in danger is not his, but that of his father, who presumably was the only man legally competent of action in case of eviction.
  • The rainfall is scarcely measurable, the snowfall is reported as heavy, and the winter temperatures are presumably low.
  • One mouse had a hole in the throat and three others had holes in the inguinal region; presumably bot-flies had emerged from these holes.
  • I don't know just what happened at Oxford but presumably something of the sort took place.
  • An intermediate stage in Babylonia is that the god stands on the back of the animal with which presumably he was formerly identified.
  • This particular group, however, being presumably clear of conscience, hailed the news with unfeigned satisfaction.
  • His firm little legs, in half hose and presumably white knickers, were spread apart and his hands were in his pockets.
  • Where the carcass is, there will the vultures be; should the carcass get up and walk, presumably the vultures would wing an expectant way after it.
  • The climax of the play is not the mother-murder but the killing of Aegisthus, which was presumably the harder and more exciting job.
  • Despite its natural attractiveness, and its presumably favorable location, Madison was a plant of slow growth.
  • It was presumably necessary that the theft should be discovered, and your ingenious idea of a revengeful enemy appealed to me, Wigan.
  • If there was a certainty in the world it was that somebody who had no right to be there was lurking in that shadow, and he was presumably up to mischief.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Presumably | Presumably Sentence

  • Your wife is presumably more so.
  • Somebody presumably once made it up.
  • Bacon was the name of a presumably intrusive host.
  • It is presumably to this movement that the passage in the text refers.
  • But each comes before the jury presumably of equal innocence.
  • They would be presumably in his banker's strong boxes.
  • Mrs. Lennart's fad was presumably housekeeping.
  • Yussuf Dakmar appealed to me as presumably responsible for Jeremy.
  • The second letter to Weller was presumably written some time in July.
  • The letter is endorsed "8th August," presumably the date of its receipt.
  • The next day Westenra was gone, presumably to Paris to give his lectures.
  • The Rev. Mr. Leland sent him a great cheese, presumably as a present.

Definition of Presumably

able to be sensibly presumed
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