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How To Use Presume In A Sentence?

  • I do not presume to say that all the same elements are not as abundant as heretofore.
  • There was no harm that he took away your headache, if he did not presume on that.
  • I presume from the want of fresh air and exercise, neither of which I could be said to enjoy.
  • Should I presume to bear you hence, Those friends of mine may take offence.
  • I presume that many of them have been formed on a large scale in chasms of the rock by the volcanic fumes of the crater.
  • He had no right to presume that this mean was better than either of the extremes; nor does it appear positively that he did so.
  • We are losing faith in the revelations of the past, but we should not presume to define the faith of the future.
  • If this be so, then we may presume that the inquirers have managed to extract true accounts from some of their native informants.
  • These two points presume that the vacuum drier is true to its name, and that one can obtain a maximum steady pressure.
  • Whether the little seguidilla meant any thing in the lips of the songstress, I do not presume to say.
  • Let no brother, for the above especial reason, presume to go forth with a man following such diversions with a hawk, or with any other bird.
  • Men may prove and use their friends, and not presume upon their friendship in things contrary to the decrees of Heaven.
  • But there are the opium-pipe and the jar and the ash-bowl, and I presume those are the clothes that the undertakers removed from the body.
  • I presume it is wise to wage no war with the inevitable, but I simply cannot reconcile myself to the most bitter disappointment of my life.
  • It is well there were no more mistakes of that kind; if there had, I presume he would have told me of them with as little ceremony.
  • If it ever was sent to an editor, as I presume it must have been, that editor was trebly justified in declining it.
  • Perhaps I presume too far on any interest you could feel for me when I make you this communication.
  • They are so militant against religion that they become intolerant of their colleagues who presume to differ with them on matters that are purely speculative.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Presume | Presume Sentence

  • I presume that he was sincere in this.
  • To presume to jest with me in such a way!
  • But we presume a day when no such attraction invades.
  • I presume he will see that he should take that course.
  • I presume it was her spirit you heard tintinnabulating.
  • Let none presume our silent march to follow!
  • We might perhaps presume a Sansc.
  • However, I presume it will be all right.
  • I presume either at Apsley House or Strathfieldsaye.
  • You are Mr. Rochdale, I presume sir?
  • Let none presume to tell me that the pen is preferable to the sword.
  • With ladies one should ne'er presume to jest.
  • I presume he must be speculating on the excitability of my nervous system.
  • I presume you're attempting some kind of practical joke.
  • He knew the noble family, but could not presume on his acquaintance.
  • You were acting a tableau I presume just now as you held her in your embrace.
  • Well, dear lady, I cannot presume to criticise your drastic measures.
  • I think you are a pleasant Fellow to presume to strike a Servant of mine!
  • I presume the dog is a good--ah--rattah?
  • Don't presume too far on British complacency and good humour.
  • I presume that Adam knew nothing of the subject of woman's inferiority.
  • I presume you are an American--or British.

Definition of Presume

(transitive) With infinitive object: to be so presumptuous as (to do something) without proper authority or permission. [from 14th c.] | (transitive, now rare) To perform, do (something) without authority; to lay claim to without permission. [from 14th c.] | (transitive) To assume or suggest to be true (without proof); to take for granted, to suppose. [from 14th c.]
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