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  • Motion presupposes rest.
  • All rhythm presupposes quantity.
  • But this presupposes a fact which does not exist.
  • But the procedure of measurement presupposes congruence.
  • Mystery too often presupposes the idea of guilt.
  • Equality of rights presupposes equality of duty.
  • Its possible existence presupposes an absurdity in nature.
  • So long a rest presupposes a real illness, does it not?
  • For this presupposes the exchangeability of the component parts.
  • This name presupposes and proves the existence of the provided.
  • An individual intelligence presupposes a society of intelligences.
  • A bargain presupposes that each party has something to offer.
  • This function is itself a part of the constitution and thus presupposes it.
  • The higher presupposes the lower and rests upon it as foundation.
  • Development presupposes the delay or withholding of things not yet developed.
  • Friendship presupposes equality, and a spoilt woman knows no equality.
  • The cant presupposes a doctrine, and the pretension a real heroism.
  • A good sulphide tone presupposes a good black and white bromide.
  • Life, it was said, presupposes life; life alone generates life.

How To Use Presupposes In A Sentence?

  • The demonstration presupposes that the preceding rites were leading up to this supreme display.
  • The masculine presupposes the feminine, but the feminine is dependent on the masculine.
  • The form of light-box presupposes the choice of illuminant, and in this there is a wide range.
  • This, of course, presupposes that the invitation has also been written in the third person.
  • For to talk presupposes observation, discrimination, memory, fancy, understanding.
  • Conception, Memory, and other like faculties, are not treated by it; but it presupposes them.
  • Every function of the mind presupposes some object by which it is caused and the spiritual image of which it is.
  • This presupposes that the teaching of self-disinfection has been done confidently and authoritatively.
  • All his causal dealing with the mind presupposes that he has selected a certain end in harmony with his purpose.
  • The distinction that is demanded by the dualism of our mind implies and presupposes a causal and dynamic unity of the two.
  • In other words measurement presupposes the measurable, and the theory of the measurable is the theory of congruence.
  • Measurement presupposes for its possibility nature as a simultaneity, and an observed object present then and present now.
  • Every curative effort presupposes that the normal state of health has been lost and that a diseased state has set in.
  • An introduction to a lady in the ball-room presupposes that the gentleman will dance with her or walk with her through one dance.
  • When this second story was added we do not know, but it presupposes the small and costly lots of a city.
  • The concept of any thing presupposes a certain sense-perception of that thing, and so does the concept of reason.
  • This presupposes a belief in a future life, the existence of which in the native mind some travellers have doubted.
  • If we are to connect these two men with our kidnapping, it presupposes an arrangement made far in advance.
  • It is intellectual in that it presupposes a more or less general diffusion of intelligence, and moral in that its aim is justice.
  • This common property presupposes similar processes in every separate sense-center of the highest rank.
  • Intuition presupposes acquired experience of a special nature that gives the judgment its validity and turns it in a particular direction.

Definition of Presupposes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of presuppose
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