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  • That is where the pretences of humanity collapse.
  • I will make no pretences and no complaints.
  • Folly of false pretences to importance.
  • Did you think by your tricks and pretences to evade me?
  • I freely forgave her all her past pretences towards myself.
  • Generally it adds to many pretences the cruelty of suspense.
  • There is no artificiality apparent; no empty pretences whatsoever.
  • It is the false pretences in literature which criticism must seek to destroy.
  • When we know them, their fair pretences become new motives for distrust.

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  • He has gone away to escape from the pretences and the hatefulness and the pettiness of people like you and me.
  • It is not always the authors, on the other hand, whose pretences it is the work of criticism to destroy.
  • If they were not given, does not the acceptance of the nomination under false pretences imply a certain sacrifice of personal honor?
  • Sidney, hopeless in spite of the pretences he made, stood aghast at the responsibility he had taken upon himself.
  • It would make general and genuine appreciation of good music, and put an end to the specious pretences of which we spoke just now.
  • There were the same pretences for reformation and loyalty, the same aspersions of the King, and the same grounds of a rebellion.
  • He used to declare that Cheetham had obtained under false pretences and printed without authority letters written in anger.
  • She stood silent with a pitying face, and believed in all the pretences of beggary which Lucy saw through by natural insight.
  • The world is full of these wanderings, under various pretences of gain, adventure, or curiosity, hiding the real impulse of flight.
  • She felt that he would see her pretences were only for the purpose of getting him to give her lessons and she was afraid that he would be very much offended.
  • It was as if the sharp and searching light of truth had fallen suddenly upon all the frail and lovely pretences by which she had helped herself to live and to be happy.
  • Whatever plausible pretences may be urged to authorize the condition of the former, it is certain but few circumstances can arise to justify that of the latter.
  • And somehow her tone seemed, all at once, to dissipate a certain number of pretences that for the last hour or more they had been laboriously seeking to keep up.
  • Notwithstanding which pretences of under-rating Homewood and its occupiers, Mr. Forde was impressed by both.
  • Buried in ignorance, and seduced by the false pretences of their prophets, they have the weakness to believe they will still be able to make a decided stand against us.
  • The encouraging of new mysteries and new deities, with the pretences of further purity in religion, hath likewise been a frequent topic to mislead the people.
  • Mere pretences on his part, subterfuges for his idle conduct, for his inability to pay due rent, said Berlin Society.
  • Gluck himself was badly bitten, in spite of his hatred of shams and shallowness, with the pretences of the time, which professed to dote on nature and simplicity.
  • So that the first umbrage given to the Whigs, and the pretences for clamouring against France and the Pretender, were derived from them.
  • The distractions of the great rebellion of 1642, which began at this time to involve the colonies, furnished him the next pretences of disturbance, and with fit associates.
  • The pretences of the kind that have been made, have been so deficient in respectability of character and of good manners, that I do not think them worth a recognition.

Definition of Pretences

plural of pretence

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