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  • Is this pretension more sensible?
  • The atmosphere killed pretension and stifled shams.
  • To such a pretension no one but an unbeliever could object.
  • But Mammon is arrogant pretension personified.
  • There was no pretension or pedantry in a word that was said.
  • The pretension is entitled to your inquiry, because millions believe it.
  • This was apt to happen in cases of pretension and any kind of wrong-doing.
  • It makes no pretension to any literary merit, nor to any scholarly erudition.
  • There is more talk and pretension about that book than any one that I know of.
  • And, indeed, I never had the least pretension to be thought a wit.
  • Of late years this pretension has been made by a President of the Society.
  • Even this pretension was strongly opposed by De Witt, but Cromwell insisted.

How To Use Pretension In A Sentence?

  • I do not wish to expose myself to the reproach either of pretension or subtlety.
  • This pretension to aristocracy contrasted strangely with his personal appearance.
  • Whether this pretension was justifiable or not, is not a subject of inquiry here.
  • Whoever means to stand upon the first of these rights must renounce all pretension to the last.
  • Even at stupidity and pretension this Shakspeare does not laugh otherwise than genially.
  • Get up, you muddy lout, and let us kill each other with some pretension of adroitness.
  • Such a pretension would be too gross for the understanding even of a Connaught peasant.
  • Annie Squires was dressed with a trifle more of the pretension which ten dollars a week allows.
  • And now, gentlemen who have laughed at my pretension to discover a profession, say, have I not?
  • In Paris, in our day, hack-work cuts a man off from every pretension to a literary position.
  • I have never made any pretension to a fortitude other than that which any honourable gentleman of my standing might claim.
  • But her entire lack of any sort of pretension was in itself ingratiating; and her manner had the timid charm of her character.
  • They are without pretension to being considered smart or exclusive, and are essentially small and early dances.
  • There was not a particle of the "brag" and pretension which had caused me to distrust everything he said.
  • To sum up, the pretension of explaining principles by the ideas which they contain, is a chimerical one.
  • While it does not make so much pretension as some other companies, it must be distinctly announced that this is a safe and permanent investment.
  • His flippant vulgarity and pretension were qualities she could ill brook; but she had known him do kind things.
  • Its only pretension is to express faithfully each fact, to express them all, and to make appear at once their differences and their harmony.
  • It is impossible to see insolent and vulgar pretension in noisy triumph, while real and unobtrusive merit is neglected.
  • Kate was soon led to see that the Spragues had none of the patrician pretension her father attributed to them.
  • The writers make no pretension to any claim of having discovered the properties of this substance, which was a common chemical, and widely known.
  • Society, it is true, professed to move on lofty moral planes, but this was a colossal pretension and nothing less.
  • To what are you tending now, with your instruction in Castilian, a pretension that would be ridiculous were it not for its deplorable consequences!
  • They stoutly carry into every nook and corner of the earth their turbulent sense; leaving no lie uncontradicted, no pretension unexamined.
  • They are all well sized, and even with some pretension to gentility, with long gardens sloping to the water, and shady coverts of trees.
  • The prized article is seen, immersed in water, in grocery stores on sale; no feast of any pretension is complete without it.
  • Writers of pretension would seem to have an animus against individuals of the character of Mr. Beamish.
  • The Christ, in contrast, was satisfied with the substance; he willingly resigned pretension to the position.

Definition of Pretension

To apply tension to an object before some other event or process. | (construction) To apply tension to reinforcing strands before concrete is poured in. | A claim or aspiration to a particular status or quality.
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