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  • I seemed to be sustained by a preternatural energy.
  • The preternatural solemnity had broken to little bits.
  • She might have been some preternatural dweller of the place.
  • His apparently preternatural phenomena always admit of a natural explanation.
  • His eyes of almost preternatural keenness had recognized one of the figures.
  • I did not like this preternatural silence, this evidence of supreme caution.
  • It rested chiefly on Emma Jane's preternatural conscientiousness.

How To Use Preternatural In A Sentence?

  • He was speaking in a deadened voice which had yet a preternatural distinctness.
  • Here was the fitting scenery for tales of preternatural terror or fiendish crime.
  • The storm had abated, and the castle and grounds were wrapped in an almost preternatural hush.
  • In the brief moment that we stood face to face, my mind was at work with preternatural activity.
  • I confided in the latter supposition, and fortified myself anew against the dread of preternatural dangers.
  • It is not uncommon that the nutrient arteries have their action so much increased in some parts, as to produce preternatural growth.
  • This last was said with the air of a man who doubted the possibility of obtaining belief to some assertion of preternatural abstinence and virtue.
  • They preferred to do their own work without preternatural agency, and accordingly resolved to do their best to drive him from their haunts.
  • He was loping down the path already, his long legs making preternatural shadows on the snow in the moonlight.
  • At Caen he is said to have had some preternatural intelligence of his father's death.
  • Then an intense desire came upon him to get home, and that desire gave him a temporary preternatural strength.
  • These fairies are supposed to be life-sized, but there was another class of diminutive preternatural beings who came into close touch with man.
  • A farmer undertook to drag them from their hiding-place, a matter of no small difficulty, for they were protected by preternatural power.
  • There was something awful in this preternatural silence, made more impressive by the hoarse murmur of the crowd outside, breaking down the door.
  • It is true that my obligations to her were quite aerial, and might, as the reader will think, have been supported without any preternatural effort.
  • He would be the rival of Zicci, not in human and perishable affections, but in preternatural and eternal lore.
  • Freed from the power of Kali, and fortified with a preternatural amount of skill in gaming, he finally won back his kingdom.
  • My belief of somewhat preternatural in this appearance was confirmed by recollection of resemblances between these features and those of one who was dead.
  • In crucial hours, when some crisis wrecks plans, landmarks, life-long aims, the brain works with preternatural clearness and celerity.
  • Steve assented, and fell to poring over the immense wall map of New York with preternatural gravity.
  • Here, however, there was no reason to dread a similar imputation, since Ludloe had denied the preternatural pretensions of these airy sounds.
  • They breathed an animation, a fire, an enthusiasm, a vivid and preternatural intelligence, that I never met with in any other countenance.
  • They seemed full of that wild, solemn, preternatural cast of grief which bewilders us in the Duchess of Malfy.
  • Instead of the yearnings of maternal love, she regarded her innocent child merely as the offspring of that monster, whom she execrated and feared with a preternatural hate.
  • Here the speaker bestowed a wink of preternatural subtlety upon a good-humoured looking, middle-aged man who occupied the chair at the head of the table.
  • Besides the life-sized fairies who are reputed to have these direct dealings with human beings, there are diminutive preternatural beings who are also supposed to come into close touch with men.
  • Though incapable of precluding the groundless belief of preternatural visitations, I was able to banish the phantom almost at the same instant at which it appeared.
  • From my childhood upward, I have felt as if I were marked out for some strange and preternatural doom; as if I were singled from my kind.

Definition of Preternatural

Beyond or not conforming to what is natural or according to the regular course of things; strange. | (dated) Having an existence outside of the natural world.
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