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  • Could we have conceived of a prettier situation?
  • Is there any prettier anecdote in literary history?
  • Nothing could be neater and prettier than the book.
  • Sabella grew prettier day by day.
  • This morning she seemed prettier than ever to his eyes.
  • A prettier situation could hardly have been selected.
  • Yet there was not a prettier life in the world if you got to be captain.
  • The newer houses are prettier and more comfortable than their predecessors.
  • Ruth looked sweeter and almost prettier than he had ever seen her.
  • Withal she was as clever as paint, and grew prettier every day.
  • And well they may, for a prettier nest than theirs never hung upon a thorn.
  • I thought I had never seen a prettier house and garden of its size.
  • You're prettier than ever, Bea....
  • Everybody's pig, like everybody's baby, is prettier than anybody's.

How To Use Prettier In A Sentence?

  • There were prettier women than she, there were wiser women, but was there ever a better woman?
  • The dear old house is prettier than any new one that could be built, and the trees are so grand!
  • I understand that my article is rejected, and yet I could not have received a prettier refusal.
  • She's extraordinarily pretty, though, and ought to be prettier still when she's quite fledged.
  • She was a beautiful girl, prettier than Maria, taller, and with a timid, pliant grace.
  • And well they might, for I know no prettier spot in the whole of Western China.
  • This fine, striped coat made him look much prettier than his cousin Mee-ko the Red Squirrel.
  • Surely he might have made a much prettier small picture of a subject that has no pretensions to be large.
  • They are castings of much prettier pattern and of mainly poetico-classical educated-class sentiment.
  • She looked to him, on the whole, prettier than usual because he seemed to see in her love for himself.
  • Nothing could be prettier than the small-featured lively brunettes we saw sitting on the stone benches at every door.
  • Hubert thought she looked even prettier in her displeasure than she had done in her joy; and he went to sleep thinking of her.
  • Maria had never looked prettier than she did then, with her cheeks burning and her blue eyes flashing with indignation and defiance.
  • She was even prettier than he thought; her new clothes certainly brought out her good points to perfection.
  • Cincinnatus could not have selected a prettier situation for a farm, than some which presented themselves, during this delightful journey.
  • I bought for my bonnet, because you thought it prettier than the black, which was cheaper; all these are luxuries.
  • Rosamond was so much prettier than Patricia had been picturing her that she fairly beamed as she came to greet her.
  • Look at the bright colours of this beautiful little bird: you can scarcely find one with prettier plumage or a sweeter note.
  • She was prettier in her little white cap than in her big feathered hat, and her smile was never soured by the friction of daily life.
  • But Barrie was even prettier in the lamplight of the hall and drawing-room than she had been in the silver vagueness of starlight.
  • Except for the click and flight of a prosperous drive I know nothing of prettier symmetry than an accurate approach.
  • It looked lovely: the yellow pine boards looked much prettier with the green of the vines than any paper in the world could have looked.
  • Beatrix was the prettier of the two, but they were both very pretty, and Caroline responded rather more to his advances.
  • Show me, if you can, a prettier example of synthesis or generalization, or a more beautiful adaptation of old words to new purposes.
  • Monarch was a prettier name than Cyclone, and besides there was no sense in giving so violent a name to so peaceful a thing as a watermelon.
  • She's a darling, and ever so much prettier than I am, and much more suited to you too.

Definition of Prettier

comparative form of pretty: more pretty
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