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  • Frank looked pretty serious.
  • Pep was pretty near dancing.
  • A pretty life this is to live.
  • There are many pretty sailboats and rowboats too.
  • She was pretty wild and determined and independent.
  • But you seem a pretty acute customer too.
  • I began to notice some pretty suspicious things.
  • The stock went along up pretty briskly.
  • I daresay she has plenty of pretty grey hair underneath.
  • He was near enough now to pretty well grasp the situation.
  • And they are pretty quick judges of character, too.
  • We started for home, pretty badly scared.
  • Randy and Pep looked pretty blank at this.
  • And that pretty lady yonder is his wife, I suppose?
  • You'd be pretty soon on my tracks.
  • Some have collections of pretty stones and of stuffed animals.
  • Half of it's a pretty pile for any cove.
  • It was pretty well broken and the wind threatened still further damage.
  • They felt pretty good over the pleasant way things were going.
  • And the Prince's pocal has to be filled pretty often.
  • I saw her once; silk dress, pretty boots, all feathers and scent, pink face.
  • So are yours very pretty hands, Master Auchester, and they are very white too.

How To Use Pretty In A Sentence?

  • He could have spent such a delightful evening in that charming house, with those pretty girls.
  • Bamtz was coming down pretty low in the world, even from a material point of view.
  • Banfi was an impetuous, hot-blooded man who loved pretty women in general and at all times.
  • The meal has already lasted a pretty long time, and is likely to last a good while longer.
  • Above a little table, on which were innumerable pretty things, hung two pictures.
  • I put all proper value upon the pretty girl, with her two hundred thousand pounds pin-money.
  • Our railway carriage contains a native Regent, his principal wife, and a pretty daughter.
  • Blamed if I liked it pretty well, either, coming from a stranger, that way.
  • Little Starwood, by my side, looked as fair and as pretty as ever, rather more shy than usual.
  • We have to be pretty deeply in love with a person before we can do him the honor of joking familiarly with him.
  • Some pretty creditable things had been done by them and that training came to their help in the present crisis.
  • The building on fire was pretty well consumed, but the fire department had saved adjoining structures.
  • I know how ripe ones look when they are piled in pyramids under the trees, and how pretty they are and how vivid their colors.
  • Let this serve as a hint to all haberdashers, who have pretty daughters for shop-girls, and young students for customers.
  • Mac took that pretty hard, and came mighty near making the major eat his words with gunpowder sauce on the side.
  • Patricia loved pretty clothes and pretty people, and the girl was undeniably pretty in a dark, tropical way.
  • Patricia retained enough of her spirit to look the amused lady calmly in the eyes, while her pretty tipped-up nose assumed a more sprightly angle.
  • I could not keep a pretty girl in the company, and hardly dared embrace an ugly one, even when my part required it.

Definition of Pretty

Pleasant to the sight or other senses; attractive, especially of women or children, but less strikingly than something beautiful. [from 15th c.] | Of objects or things: nice-looking, appealing. [from 15th c.] | (often derogatory) Fine-looking; only superficially attractive; initially appealing but having little substance; see petty. [from 15th c.]
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