Prevailed In A Sentence

How To Use Prevailed In A Sentence?

  • It generally prevailed between the ages of 2 and 10 years.
  • The wishes of the living have prevailed almost every time.
  • The next morning we prevailed upon him to stay another day.
  • After much coaxing, he prevailed upon her to leave.
  • Ellen seeing entreaty prevailed not, now tried threats.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prevailed | Prevailed Sentence

  • Silence prevailed again.
  • These prevailed after considerable argument.
  • But numbers prevailed at length.
  • Great sensation prevailed during this narrative.
  • I cannot but believe she would have prevailed with me.
  • Apparently peace prevailed everywhere.
  • Irish prevailed up to boiling-point.
  • The gloom that now prevailed was contagious.
  • Silence prevailed in that dormitory forthwith.
  • Tumult and disorder prevailed everywhere.
  • Sickness prevailed to a great extent.
  • The wicked have prevailed over us.
  • Consternation prevailed through the whole assembly.
  • Great excitement prevailed for several days.
  • Meanwhile this malady prevailed among us.
  • At length the absolute silence prevailed as it had before.
  • His wife prevailed upon him not to print it.
  • Of course he did not allow himself to be prevailed upon.
  • This mode prevailed until about the year 1320.
  • Silent consternation prevailed among the audience.
  • Yet calm confidence prevailed from the very beginning.
  • Dignified manners prevailed among the members.
  • The wildest excitement prevailed in the town.
  • A noisy and merry activity prevailed in the yard.
  • The idea of allegorism prevailed in the third century.
  • A funereal gloom prevailed over the whole scene.
  • Something approaching a panic prevailed among the gang.
  • However, avarice prevailed over fear.
  • They prevailed upon him to give them another chance.
  • Happily the right prevailed without civil war.
  • All day the wildest excitement prevailed in the town.
  • The energies of youth finally prevailed over the fever.
  • This custom has prevailed without its origin being known.
  • No true dark prevailed here in the entry facing south.
  • In another moment the utmost excitement prevailed on board.

Definition of Prevailed

simple past tense and past participle of prevail
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