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  • Drink, prevalence of, 101-114.
  • Drinking, prevalence of, in the 19th century, 726.
  • It is easy to account for the prevalence of both these misconceptions.
  • The rhythm of the line and the prevalence of sibilants suit the sense.
  • Cases showing prevalence of this mental disorder are to be found everywhere.
  • As an effective scheme it meant little because of the prevalence of paper.
  • One great factor in childless homes is the prevalence of the black plagues.
  • There was no little risk in this, owing to the prevalence of wolves.
  • During the prevalence of cholera, we should eat light food in moderation.
  • The prevalence of the estufa (kiva) generally, or often, circular in form.

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  • Hyphenation has been made consistent where there was a prevalence of one form over the other.
  • The prevalence of such caricatures does not prove the absence of the sterling article.
  • The population became intensely excited by the prevalence of this enthusiasm or fanaticism.
  • There was at this time a temporary prevalence of negro minstrelsy and the variety show.
  • The prevalence of short words is due to my effort at exact translation of their own words.
  • The climate is healthful and the locality is unusually free from the prevalence of high winds.
  • The extent of current immorality may be judged from the prevalence of venereal disease.
  • The prevalence of wet weather has had a painful effect on the aspect of the metropolitan streets.
  • Possibly the lack of tame animals may have encouraged the prevalence of human sacrifice.
  • My pulsations were quickened, and the prevalence of fever could no longer be doubted.
  • Other securities, therefore, against the prevalence of military power must be provided.
  • Noah, as if disgusted with the prevalence of water in his time, took to strong drink.
  • And the same considerations explain the wide prevalence of philosophic anarchy in Russia.
  • The universal prevalence of sickness is one of the indirect evidences that the Bible is true.
  • Notwithstanding the general prevalence of financial stringency, Madison prospered during the war.
  • Mr. Grant visited the Borough frequently during the prevalence of these disorders.
  • The temporary prevalence of the German element has introduced a tendency towards German culture.
  • Dr. Hertz gives many examples of the prevalence of the were-wolf superstition in Germany.
  • I do not wonder at, though I lament, the prevalence of the belief in Spiritualism.
  • The climate and the general pursuits of the people all militate against the prevalence of the malady.
  • Hyphen inconsistencies have been corrected without note where there was a prevalence of one formation over another.
  • The uniform prevalence of these ideas in rites may be illustrated from the simplest or the most elaborate.
  • They purchased almost all the available supply and held it at high prices during the prevalence of a famine.
  • The prevalence of these affections is ascribed to the frequent intermarriage of persons closely related by blood.
  • A further ground of the suggestibility of the crowd is that prevalence of emotional excitement which was discussed in the foregoing pages.
  • Formerly, during the prevalence of plague and epidemics, the arrogance of the priest was boundless.
  • That these people were miners, is evident from the prevalence of various mineral fragments and implements.
  • It is a deplorable fact that the prevalence of these diseases might have been prevented by proper instruction of young boys.
  • This large percentage of tannin accounts for the prevalence of constipation among female tea drinkers.
  • We must look for the increasing prevalence of the city type of life for men and women and for families.

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