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  • For everything on this earth has its price and value.
  • She is able to pay the price and win the blessing.
  • This at a price, and a curious price at that.
  • I readily paid him the price and got into the hammock.
  • The public pays the price, and it is enormous.
  • It exacts its price, and its price is an equal love.
  • A high price, and yet a low one.
  • Send price and what to do with this man critter by son Jim.
  • Price and Size: 180 to 200 pp.
  • You have set the price, and I have agreed to it.
  • The storekeeper named a price, and Drew bargained.
  • I knew, because I had asked the price and he had heard me.
  • Generals Price and Van Dorn whipped!
  • But it was very little at any price and exceedingly uncertain of appearance.
  • It cannot be coaxed or bribed; pay the price and it is yours.
  • They are reasonable in price and cover every possible field.
  • All have their price, and the highest sometimes sell out the cheapest.
  • The price and quality of food available to immigrants must be ascertained.
  • This book appeared some years ago at another price and in another form.
  • If he sells goods, he will have but one price and a small profit.
  • He wished mightily that the priest would have done and name his price and go.
  • Let's all guess the price and then go in and see who's right.
  • I replied giving price and stated we could supply the pamphlets in two years.
  • Name your price and, if it's anywhere within reason, we won't haggle.
  • Little Muck named a moderate price, and the bargain was quickly made.
  • It's always a gelding; it's always one price, and it always has a flaw.

How To Use Price And In A Sentence?

  • Consider this awful price, and how will your own conduct change in your estimation?
  • She had bought it at an enormous price and every hour in it was of immense value.
  • The price and quality of beer was constantly being established by law and as constantly changed.
  • God had given him a pearl without price, and he had misunderstood until this day.
  • These bring a good price and yield a good profit where there is demand for this class of geese.
  • The father named an enormous price, and to his great surprise his friend accepted it.
  • He sold his box to a jeweller for a high price, and fitted up a workshop for his business.
  • Here the speaker may show the book and state its price, and proceed with the selling.
  • Perhaps ten of them were worth the maximum price, and the rest averaged about ten roubles apiece.
  • At last he offered to buy the bird; the boy agreed to the price, and it was paid.
  • Jean Cornbutte obtained these at a low price, and they were certain to become most useful.
  • Meat was nearly always procurable at a price, and, if one knew where to go, was good enough.
  • The English beat you down to the lowest price, and then refuse your cargo for one damaged crate.
  • He ran his eye down the list of names until he came to "Price" and drew out the card.
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