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  • They pay this price for health.
  • It was a great price for the market.
  • A really handsome price for it.
  • Such a price for four cigarettes!
  • Tarisio was asked to name his price for the six.
  • There is never any price for shame offered.
  • They make one price for everything.
  • I will give a good price for that remedy.
  • He meant to pay the price for what he yearned after.
  • He will pay a high price for his complacency.
  • Five hundred is a good price for that land.
  • But she would not give too reckless a price for them.
  • She had fixed a very moderate price for her lessons.
  • They had to pay a heavy price for their folly.
  • They bought me at a reduced price for speculation.
  • That was something they could get a good price for.
  • Nora paid the price for her freedom and paid it in full.
  • Men usually pay too high a price for their desires.
  • The market pays the highest price for pecans.
  • What is the proper price for fronting a pair of boots?
  • The man paid the just price for his colossal greed.
  • How would the like of her get a good price for a pig?
  • One could never pay too high a price for any sensation.
  • In 1851 the price for one commodity became too high.
  • The buying price for such a draft will be, perhaps, 4.84.
  • She is the pearl of great price for which He gave all.
  • Price, for the two vols., $1.50.
  • The Countess paid a heavy price for her short-lived joys.
  • Price for either edition, prepaid by mail, $3 00.
  • The Lord knows we paid a big enough price for it, anyhow.
  • You are mine, I say; I have paid too great a price for you.
  • All of this was to purchase supplies at any price for the miners.
  • What she had paid the great price for was not hers to the end.
  • He says that he cannot afford the right price for the brooch.
  • Just imagine what a price for one meal's victuals!
  • The world pays a heavy price for having its imagination sentimentalized.
  • The Vanderbilts paid a high price for the R. W. & O.
  • Each one wants staunch supporters and is ready to pay any price for them.
  • What would you consider a fair price for a one-third interest?

How To Use Price For In A Sentence?

  • He is going down into the markets where men pay the price for these things that he has.
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