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  • Best machine at a democratic price in London.
  • They could not have so high a price in Espana.
  • Or was Tony right; had every man his price in hard cash?
  • One price in season, one before, And reasonable never.
  • As this was a very high price in those days, of course she accepted.
  • They say, for instance, that water bears no price in the market.
  • Their skins are excellent, and they sell at a good price in England.

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  • They were bought at an average figure of $200.00 each, a high price in those days.
  • I do not think the Allies will pay the price in human sacrifice to invade Germany from the west.
  • It is also frequently exported to Europe, and it sells at a good price in England.
  • The price in America is, to-day, 11 cents, a short while ago, it was 40 cents.
  • I had to explain to her the fluctations of the market price in relation to the nominal value, which was the basis of our computation.
  • While it will allow the user to overcome most weaknesses, too much will demand a high price in recuperation afterward.
  • The sugar likewise readily commands an advanced price in the market to the planter of ten or twelve shillings per cwt.
  • Silks, muslins, and all other articles of female apparel, have been reduced in price in the same proportion.
  • Secondly, that the rent of land should be fixed at a certain price in money, instead of being paid in service.
  • The Turkish merchant repeated the price in his native tongue, and they made no progress in their deal.
  • In 1884 I was told of a sale just made of some cotton for which the owner had refused the famine price in 1865.
  • He immediately bought our opium, for which he gave us a very good price in gold by weight, some wedges of which were about ten or eleven ounces.
  • No man ever yet held aloof from his kind without paying the price in narrower sympathies, a narrower brain, and a narrower heart.
  • But clever, well-trained cattle-dogs are a treasure beyond price in the bush; and this we know, taking great pains with our colleys.
  • Of what use was life, I thought, and success at sea if it was to be bought at such a price in manhood and self-respect?
  • Sailors and settlers, both, took time off to load the ships with the drug which would bring a good price in England.
  • Hence the English pound has been at the lowest price in France on record, 24.95 and sometimes 24.90.
  • Then it happened that the harrier Gonzalo thought most of, having bought him for a high price in England, misbehaved himself.
  • The price varies with the state of the market, from 12 cents to $3 a barrel, the average price in Boston market being about a dollar.
  • The Jehu said several shillings, but when Dave shook his head the fellow cut the price in half and they sprang in and were off.
  • By buying large quantities and at wholesale and selling at the market price in small quantities there can be a perfectly legitimate profit on a camp canteen.
  • Now labor is a commodity whose price in the market is governed by the same laws of supply and demand that regulate the prices of all other things that are bought and sold.
  • Sixty-two cents is quite a high price in comparison to those of the rest of the Opera House, for the orchestra chairs cost only eight marks.
  • It is both fatuous and insincere to talk about good things to come, and not be willing to pay the price in labor and in sacrifice necessary to obtain them honestly.
  • An irregular contortion of a turbinated shell, which common eyes pass unregarded, will ten times treble its price in the imagination of philosophers.
  • Shamashnazir receives, as the price of his daughter, ten shekels of silver, which appears to have been an average price in the class of life to which he belonged.
  • In this diagram we note that from 1870 to 1875 there was a rapid reduction of price in consequence of the fact that these were years of keen competition with other Pennsylvanian businesses.
  • Moreover, their tendency is often to sell the minor portion of their product that goes for export at lower than the domestic price in order to dispose of it without depressing local prices.
  • In consequence of this, too, a single individual, constituted sole purchaser of so great a proportion of the tobaccos made, had the price in his own power.
  • The British army was small; it had helped to save Paris, and now paid the price in the loss of the Belgian coast.

Definition of Price In

(transitive) To include (the costs of a possible future event, especially a negative one) in an estimation of the total value of something.
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