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  • Want to know what my price is now.
  • The price is just right.
  • And the price is low!
  • The price is one dollar.
  • Do not think that the price is too high.
  • Marriage price is paid later.
  • And the price is la vida.
  • The price is low and there is no waste.
  • My price is fifteen thousand.
  • But their price is dependent on the human will.
  • But the price is remarkably steady.
  • Its price is three dollars a year.
  • The market-price is so confounded high.
  • The price is sure to rise later.
  • The price is advancing steadily with the demand.
  • That praise is worth nothing of which the price is known.
  • The retail price is 27 cents a box.
  • The question of a fair price is a difficult one.
  • The price is a five-hundred-pound note.
  • No, my price is fixed and unalterable.
  • In stiff paper covers the price is 1s.
  • Your price is above rubies, my own darling.
  • The price is so low that a buyer promptly appears.
  • They would like to be there, but the price is too great.
  • Even if you can do what you say, the price is rather high.
  • The difference of price is from 3 to 10 francs per ton.
  • In all minerals, the relation of supply to price is marked.
  • It exacts its price, and its price is an equal love.
  • The Price is somewhat saucy.
  • The price is more than the old-fashioned Penny.
  • Partly, and partly because Price is only an intentionist.
  • Mr. Price is no more in love with her than I am.
  • It is to be paid for, I understand, and the price is high.
  • When Mr. Price is free he is to go over and marry her.
  • Its price is 1s.
  • The price is 7s.
  • It will be observed that this price is about fifty per cent.
  • It's a question of price, is it not?
  • A price is fixed for the killing and is paid as soon as the job is done.

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  • A reasonable additional price is charged for accommodations in this luxurious style.
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