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  • But what a terrific price to pay!
  • What a price to give for a towel!
  • There is a price to be paid for free womanhood.
  • What a price to pay for mere life!
  • Love is immortal: this the price to pay.
  • The price to be paid was seven million dollars.
  • And there will be a terrible price to pay in human lives.
  • Now he had the price to pay, which was not so pleasant.
  • Must we teach heaven what price to set on murder?
  • I am paying the price to-day in weariness extreme.
  • I love them dearly, but it is a big price to pay.
  • That's not a price to sneeze at, that isn't.
  • Price to non-members, $4.00.
  • Sorrow is a fair price to pay for wisdom, Jenny.
  • And what price, to put it vulgarly, Roman roads?
  • Price to Non-subscribers, Two Guineas.
  • I will then arrange to buy the fan at a price to which you will not object.
  • It's a fearful price to pay.
  • Probably they did it for the money although it seemed a reasonable price to us.
  • Wasn't matrimony rather a small price to pay for it?
  • They thought but of one goal: to cling at any price to safety.
  • Parents of sun pay marriage price to girl's people.
  • You had to pay a price to get that something better and different, of course.
  • Yes, it is woman who pays the highest price to that insatiable monster, war.
  • Price to parties who send their order before the book is issued, $7.00.
  • Of course, the price to be paid for this was to be the Irish vote.
  • It was a small price to pay to keep that madness away from Rythar.
  • La Merchora was reluctant to tell us the correct price to pay.
  • She was paying rather a heavy price to keep her son from Dissenters!

How To Use Price To In A Sentence?

  • Her body and mind would not have been too great a price to give him for the sapphire.
  • It is a big price to pay for neglecting the slight effort required to prevent it.
  • We have this day bought back the land of our fathers by a great price to prevent war.
  • I am selling them at a very low price to-day, in fact at less than they cost me.
  • He will know precisely what he wants, what to search for, and what price to pay.
  • A good bootmaker will not make high heels now, even if paid double price to do so.
  • It seemed a high price to pay for the privilege of lying in the stream, a quarter-mile off-shore.
  • Books sent, postage paid, on receipt of retail price, to any address in the country.
  • Next, the leather is selected, first grade or second grade, according to the price to be paid.
  • If ordered sent by mail, 10 per cent. should be added to the price to cover cost of postage.
  • Any grief to bear, any price to pay, but let him possess his own soul, let him have the truth!
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