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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Price Was | Price Was Sentence

  • Their price was fixed.
  • The price was too great to pay.
  • Price was buying several dresses.
  • The admission price was a dollar.
  • The price was nine guineas.
  • The price was five million dollars.
  • We perceive at once that the price was accurately gauged.
  • The price was moderate, and it fitted me.
  • Each time that we went back the price was different.
  • Within a month their price was twenty-five shillings.
  • Safety was looming ahead, but the price was no less.
  • But she was very good, and her price was far above rubies.
  • By good luck the price was marked upon my purchase.
  • One might decide that such a price was well worth paying.
  • The beasts were good, and the price was good.
  • Sidney Price was in the soup.
  • Hugh Price was kind and indulgent to her.
  • Hugh Price was not in a great hurry.
  • Dr. Price was behind them.
  • Everything else, including price, was left to him.
  • The victory, purchased at so great a price, was complete.
  • My price was L7, 7s.
  • Because my price was paid me ten times over by my Maker.
  • Hugh Price was enraged and struck fast and furious.
  • To crown all, a price was set on the head of Gustavus.
  • Marmaduke and Price was den in Springfield.
  • I thought Dr. Price was embarrassing.
  • Hatton was one, Price was another, and Blake was the third.
  • The price was high.
  • The price was $1 per hour, but when I proposed it to T. P.
  • The same price was put on the head of a priest as on that of a wolf.
  • It seems that my price was the position which you could offer me.
  • But she looked at the white ticket on which the price was marked.
  • Could he remind her of the time when her price was five francs?
  • But even this munificent price was rejected by the mercenary father.

How To Use Price Was In A Sentence?

  • In this case the price was my sister's affection.
  • But the price was the price of all that a woman looks forward to in life.
  • Go and see what a price was paid there to provide a ransom for your soul.
  • The price was really higher, but my arrangement was for the winter.
  • When the flag fell, the price was only three to two against him.
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