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  • But only one volume is priced at 4s.
  • Now offered for the first time in popular priced editions.
  • All they saw were too large, and priced accordingly.
  • My copy is on miserable paper, yet priced 31s.
  • I stood beside an orange-bin; and priced the fruit.
  • But sometimes dreams were priced too high....
  • It is better in many ways than some of the higher priced editions.
  • In the highest priced automobile tires you find the manufactured product.
  • Add four of these qualities together, and you get a higher priced man.
  • The machine alluded to in the above letter is the low priced one at $100.
  • A priced catalogue of the books printed by Christian Wechel is extant.
  • A Vegetius 'in minore forma' but also 'picturis' is priced at 4s.

How To Use Priced In A Sentence?

  • There will be no loss of time making change if the right priced books are sold.
  • She was decked in jewels, priced at nineteen thousand dollars, the gift of the king.
  • This increase in margins shows vividly in the higher priced foods, for instance, pork products.
  • The uniform preservation and storing up of priced catalogues of all important sales for future reference.
  • These mixtures are necessarily low grade and are more expensive than the higher priced high grade mixtures.
  • Now suppose the farmer thinks this a high priced and expensive fertilizer and looks about for something cheaper.
  • Her eyes as she lowered them were greeted with the smarting smoke of a cigar, and her nostrils with the smell that priced it.
  • But here he has his bubble, and his high priced terrier, and things like that, and yet he does the skip.
  • Yantorny will not make a shoe under $60; a pair of his shoes made of feathers is priced by him at $2400.
  • All is behind a closed dark scuttle, all is priced in sucking solemn sardines and outrageously, outrageously quickly soon.
  • Sixty years ago aluminum was priced at $140 a pound, but one would have had difficulty in buying such a large quantity as a pound at any price.
  • There were no shoes, and a pair of the cheapest boots I found hanging at the door were priced to me at two ounces.
  • That Caruso is regarded as the foremost living tenor is made good by the fact that he is the highest priced male artist in the world.
  • Moreover, they must be built where, as I said, land is comparatively low priced and plentiful, and the taxes moderate.
  • Later she might see it at a department store, thrown over a show figure, and priced at $5.65 or $3.95, according to the day of the week.
  • This is partly because the position is so unstandardized that it arouses a sense of unrest, and partly because he has to spend much of his time at low priced functions.
  • Tea was too high priced in the first half-century of its Occidental use to have been frequently seen in New England.
  • But generally speaking the very finest and highest priced silks made in America are manufactured from French or Italian material.
  • Across the specially priced mill-ends she flashed the full line of her teeth, and with an intensity his features ill concealed he noted how sweet her throat as it arched.
  • Gold came over because it was higher priced in England than abroad through the ratio of 1698, and for the same reason silver left the country to pay for the gold.
  • He was also instructed to receive the products of the country in payment of rents at certain fixed valuations, among which cotton was priced at three and one-half pence per pound.

Definition of Priced

simple past tense and past participle of price
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