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  • Sensational loss of priceless gems!
  • She is a priceless diamond in the rough.
  • His letters are priceless pathological documents.
  • Why were they wasting so much priceless time?
  • He has no real love for the priceless old spot.
  • A great and priceless thing is a new interest!
  • Yes, silence is a priceless boon to the searcher.
  • I wonder where he discovered these priceless stuffs. . .
  • It is that priceless gem known as the Ruby of Kishmoor.
  • In such a situation Mrs. Lewin was of priceless value.
  • There is no possession more precious or priceless than liberty.
  • And what a priceless possession the implement would have been to the finder!
  • Why should it not be priceless in the eyes of a man who loves his wife?
  • The priceless jewel is they love, Its setting is my heart.
  • Thy boon and bounty, priceless LIBERTY.

How To Use Priceless In A Sentence?

  • They have had a priceless experience of sea warfare under almost every conceivable condition.
  • The abbey has rendered to the world priceless services by the careful preservation of its records.
  • He would now secure the priceless things dearest to the hearts of men, at no cost to himself!
  • Mayhap the strange white men could be made to give even twenty sticks for a priceless copper.
  • How often has it stolen, aye stolen, the priceless fruits of their genius and labour?
  • I cannot bear to lose those priceless moments, and yet I must do so if she goes from me.
  • Scattered through the libraries of Europe are the priceless manuscripts limned by Irish scribes.
  • They'll figure the pennies as priceless possessions and the sovereigns as beneath price.
  • He plundered her and sent home priceless treasures to delight his countrymen and fill their exhausted treasury.
  • The amused dancers who had to steer clear of his imperious path forgave much for the priceless jewels in his turban.
  • The police lieutenant almost clicked heels and came to the salute when he saw that his prisoner was the possessor of so priceless a document.
  • He turned and looked at her, and he knew that the priceless guerdon which he had played for as a mere counter in a disgraceful game had been won.
  • That unreportable power is of priceless value in the strengthening and development of Christian character.
  • The walls of this cavern were of satin, priceless rugs, which hung without a quiver in the breathless gloom.
  • You can no longer buy the pottery and other priceless relics of those prehistoric people in the curio-shops of Denver.
  • I could have swum off to her; but the water might injure, if not ruin, the priceless document in my pocket.
  • The bishop looked round, saw that it was well, and began on the mosaics, which were priceless and beyond all praise.
  • The fragments of the broken furniture they piled up on the hearth, and made a great fire of the priceless ebony, mahogany, and palisander woods.
  • It was gilt all over, and was decorated with jewels which now form some of the most priceless treasures of the Boulak Museum.
  • But when you propose to claw each other in my study, in the midst of a hundred fragile and priceless ornaments, I lodge a protest.
  • There's scant spare space, but still its ribs enfold A priceless cargo in its shallow hold.
  • All things as simple as could be, but beautiful on this summer afternoon, and priceless when one has come forth from the streets of Clerkenwell.
  • One can think of the wide reaches of Africa afterwards, and the gem, like a priceless jewel, set in them.
  • Our fat little Gabrielle makes the most priceless soup out of the ration beef (which none of us are any good at) and carrots.
  • Yet one should rather approach God, bearing in careful hands the priceless and precious gift of life, ready to restore it if it be his will.

Definition of Priceless

So precious as not to be sold at any price; invaluable. | Treasured; held in high regard. | (informal) Excellent, wonderful, fantastic (often ironic).
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