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  • Prices have been reasonable.
  • So many foreigners have bought pearls that the prices have all gone up.
  • High prices have been paid for standing trees and for saw logs.
  • Quite right, but prices have risen to an unreasonable height.
  • Imports have been restricted, prices have gone up and taxation has increased.
  • Prices have since been not excessive, wheat being at an average about 51s.
  • Wages have risen, but prices have at the same time advanced.
  • "Prices have gone up," said Wangen.
  • "Wages and prices have gone up under British rule.
  • he erreicht prices have reached their highest level
  • "I know," said Etta sweetly, "but prices have risen terribly owing to the War."

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  • Moreover, fluctuations of trade and prices have very little effect upon this wage.
  • It is obvious enough that prices have risen during the last three months both to the farmer and to the wholesaler and retailer.
  • On the other hand, these rising prices have only kept pace with the farmers' prices.
  • The prices have been cut again and again; a different spirit prevails everywhere; it is no longer as it used to be.
  • High prices stimulate an extensive planting and a careful cultivation of the ground, while low prices have the contrary effect.
  • If prices have been driven to an unreasonable level by wasteful workings, then, a big decline in prices is the only remedy.
  • Due to increases in wages, transportation, etc., the prices have been increasing during the last four months.
  • This time, however, prices have advanced, while last time, they had fallen, now perhaps the case will appear to you in a different light.
  • But if prices have advanced as much as wages, the apparent improvement to the laborer is merely in nominal wages, while that which alone can benefit him is higher real wages.
  • Prices have increased considerably since those days, for at that time it was possible to get very good board and lodging on the left bank of the Seine for five francs a day.
  • In many cases where the workman was formerly allowed to earn a profit of 33 per cent. on his day wages he is now restricted to 25 per cent., and the prices have been correspondingly reduced.
  • Now, it is argued, if it be admitted that prices have in fact fallen under the administration of some of the strongest Trusts, it cannot be maintained that Trusts have a tendency to raise prices.
  • The minister's wife was celebrated for the splendour of her books, and marvellous prices have been paid for specimens of her earlier style.
  • I have little doubt that the cessation of gambling will bring all the prices down at the hotels, but during past years gamblers' prices have been asked and paid.
  • Labor and materials of all kinds have been difficult to secure, wages and prices have been very high, transportation facilities have been inadequate and many other conditions have operated to interfere with highway construction.
  • It would not be correct to say that this system or want of system is satisfactory, but the trade manages to rub along very well with it, although inconveniences and disagreements sometimes arise when prices have advanced or declined considerably.
  • If the period of falling prices follows closely upon a period of sharply rising prices, during which latter period wage increases lagged greatly behind price increases, the tendency for wages to rise may continue to manifest itself for some time after prices have begun to drop.
  • Financial assistance and assurances as to sales and prices have been given liberally by the association where they are needed; ginning and buying centres have been established; experts have been engaged to distribute seed and afford instruction; and some land has been acquired for working under the direct management of the association.
  • Excepting by the inverse and questionable method of arguing that the high profits distributed by a Trust are themselves proof that prices have not fallen as they would have fallen under free competition, it is not possible to build a very convincing condemnation of the Trust from statistics of price.
  • Thus when prices have advanced the manufacturer may find it difficult to obtain delivery of the yarn that he had bought at low rates, for some spinners have a curious, indefensible preference for delivering their higher-priced orders; and, on the other hand, when prices have fallen the manufacturer sometimes ceases to take delivery of the high-priced yarn and actually purchases afresh for his needs.
  • But if the space is to be enlarged, will not the prices have to be enlarged too? '
  • Preise steigen prices are rising die Preise steigen prices have been improving die prompte
  • Besides, if agricultural prices have fallen in Ireland, compared to what they were, say, twenty-five years ago, they are higher than they were in the years, say, 1850-55, not to take into account the progress made by Ireland, in the last half-century, in crops, farm machinery, and the breeds of farming animals.
  • Preise haben sich erholt prices have recovered Preise herabsetzen lower prices Preise hochhalten keep up prices
  • In ordinary seasons, any wheat or barley that may have shown symptoms of heating in the stacks are first presented at market; but in this season, when there is no heated grain--thanks to the low temperature and the precautions used in stacking--the high prices have tempted the farmers to thrash both wheat and barley earlier than usual, in order to meet the demands for rent and wages at Martinmas--a term which, owing to the lateness of the season, followed close on the termination of the harvest.
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