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  • Dutch prices, in other words?
  • See also the table of prices in Senate Docs.
  • These products he sold at exorbitant prices in New York.
  • There were dozens of Hubert Prices in London.
  • He doubled his prices in the hope of discouraging applicants.
  • Prices in Tongchuan at the time of my visit were high and food was scarce.
  • The result was seen soon in the rise of prices in the European markets.

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  • Provisions for campers are obtainable at reasonable prices in any of the nearby towns.
  • One will hold that the increase in credit and money must influence prices in exact ratio.
  • We looked up prices in Frisco and found that forty dollars an ounce will be paid without haggling.
  • The course of food prices in the United States during the last fifteen months is of interest.
  • Dainty buttonhole bouquets should also be provided and sold to the gentlemen for prices in advance of their value.
  • The explanation of this anomaly lies in the unforeseen and enormous scarcity and rise of prices in the home markets.
  • It is estimated that prices in the main advanced about 100 per cent while wages were not advanced more than sixty per cent.
  • The second case is that in which the prices of the relatively small collection of articles may increase less than the index of prices in general.
  • Too low prices now merely mean too high prices in the early future, for they will not permit protection, economy or reforestation.
  • Even the retail merchants, as we have seen, are able to make effective combinations to maintain prices in the case of more perishable goods.
  • But a Trust is always able to charge prices in excess of competitive prices, and it is generally its interest to do so.
  • Those who were in haste, and could afford it, travelled, at fancy prices, in hansoms with two horses driven tandem.
  • The currents which affect food prices in the United States are much less controlled than in the other countries at war.
  • This power of a monopoly is not merely extended to the control of prices in the earlier and later processes of production and distribution of the commodity.
  • On the 14th May 1612 a proclamation was issued forbidding merchants to exceed Mint prices in buying bullion.
  • From these the Portuguese brought home great quantities of spices, which they sold at high prices in Europe.
  • At times, such is the overstock of importations, that goods are sold at lower prices in Valparaiso than in Europe.
  • In 1632 tobacco prices in the colony were fixed at six pence per pound in exchange for English goods; in 1633 it was increased to nine pence.
  • Then comes a comparatively short period of higher prices in some commodity; production is again stimulated and followed by long intervals of low standards.
  • Likewise Small Porges spoke learnedly of the condition of the markets, and of the distressing fall in prices in regard to hay, and wheat.
  • The depressed state of trade in 1821 and 1822 had led to a diminished importation and production of goods, and was succeeded by an advance of prices in 1823.
  • The purpose of the association is to prevent competition among its members and keep control of prices in its own hands by charging a higher price to outsiders than to members of the association.
  • A very small quantity of over-supply will bring down prices in a business, or in a whole market, provided the competition between the businesses is keen.
  • If wages are increased in accordance with the movement of the prices of the relatively limited collection of commodities, the result of the wage increase may be an increase in prices in general.
  • The Mint edicts of Spain during the years 1500-1660 simply follow in the wake of the general movements of prices in Europe generally.
  • First, to so guide the trade in the fundamental food commodities as to eliminate vicious speculation, extortion and wasteful practices and to stabilize prices in the essential staples.
  • And this leads me to say that, by the exercise of good judgment, one may occasionally purchase superior glasses at very reasonable prices in the pawn-shops.
  • The trust has always wished to put up the price, but the continual increase in the production of the oil fields has obliged the trust to make low prices in order to dispose of its stock.
  • He had bought many pieces of ground for them at excessive prices; in that way and on the work, he had spent a large sum, and he considered it well employed.
  • There would appear to be no compelling reason for the wage reduction to be in the same ratio as the price decline, since it is probable that the wage increases will have lagged behind prices in the preceding period.
  • His merchandise, consisting of four small bags, seemed hardly worth the carrying, but Kej tobacco fetches high prices in Beila.
  • Not all the land has been secured by threats or coercion; some has been leased directly by Chinese moved by high prices, in spite of the absence of any legal sanction.
  • These bankruptcies, and the ruinous contraction of the currency which has occasioned them, afford too satisfactory an explanation of the depressed prices in most of the staple articles of British manufacture.
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