Pricking in a sentence

Definition of Pricking

present participle of prick | The act of piercing or puncturing with a sharp point. | A sensation that pricks.

How to use Pricking in a Sentence?

  • Hopkins always maintained that the most legitimate modes were pricking and swimming.
  • The thought sent a series of pricking shivers up and down her usually tranquil spine.
  • They become larger and firmer, and the seat of a pricking or stinging sensation.
  • He also began to feel certain pricking sensations in his right leg as well as in his conscience.
  • He sunk back in his chair, with his hands all thrilling and pricking to the finger-tips.
  • His pale face had suddenly flushed scarlet, and he felt a pricking as of needles in his body.
  • They felt the pricking of thorns in every part of the body, and one of them vomited needles.
  • He usually experienced, also, a tingling or pricking sensation in any diseased member.
  • She broke it off, pricking her fingers, and hastily fastened it in the bosom of her white frock.
  • Then these Frenchmen came pricking down, as they would have over-ridden all our company.
  • But Barrett, pricking his ears at this humbleness, was too foolish to understand.
  • The Indian would keep track of the days by pricking a pin hole every day above the proper figure.
  • But people full of curiosity are forever pricking up their ears to hear things which do not in the least concern them.
  • He must finish him by pricking him in the base of the brain; the only thing he could do after his crime.
  • Several writers claim good results with glycerole of papain, pricking it in in the same manner as in tattooing.
  • She rose also from behind the tea-table with a little inward pricking of conscience for wishing him gone.
  • It must be further ascertained by pricking with a needle if any part of the body is devoid of feeling, for that is a sure sign of a witch.
  • Sharp pains racked his head; his right arm burned and twinged as though he had thrust it into pricking flames.

Short Example Sentence for Pricking

  • Cases of pricking in the forge.
  • With a pricking of yellow stars.
  • In reality his conscience was uncomfortably pricking him.
  • She felt as if small needles were pricking her all over.
  • Sometimes they take delight in pricking a fallen lion.
  • It was thrown high, with pricking ears.
  • I see Warlock pricking one ear.
  • Part a-cross the Caul, without pricking the Vessels.
  • He had him by the ear and was pricking him with his sabre in the fleshy parts.
  • Something was rubbing against his leg, pricking it through his anklets.
  • Often pricking is a result of carelessness engendered by a rush of work.
  • He felt no pricking of conscience at the thought of the dead old woman.
  • Bake crust on the outside of pan, first pricking with a fork.
  • An hour, and only the ceaseless pricking memory of it would abide.
  • In a week he could watch one without even pricking up his ears.
  • Sometimes pricking is purely accidental, as in the case of a 'split' nail.
  • The reddener of the edges, Pricking on with tricking.
  • The pricking warmth of his presence would meet me as I came up the stair.
  • By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.
  • Alfonso translated, pricking his ears for Maseden's reply.
  • My conscience has been pricking me, and I feel I have been very rude.
  • It isn't needed in the case of a pin pricking the hide of a Mekstrom.

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