Prided in a sentence

Definition of Prided

simple past tense and past participle of pride

How to use Prided in a Sentence?

  • But she prided herself on her loyalty to the successive partners of her dismal adventures.
  • He belonged to the merchant class, and he prided himself on the position he held.
  • She prided herself on knowing everybody worth knowing, and everything about everybody.
  • He prided himself on his memory of some modern poets, and the lines pleased him particularly.
  • They prided themselves on their balance, their commonsense, their fund of comparative ideas.
  • He had prided himself on giving that town the benefit of his European education.
  • He, who had so prided himself on his clean name and unblemished record, had fallen low indeed.
  • In the long line of his prided Puritan ancestry no one ever bore it before him.
  • At the end of three days Randy and Pep prided themselves on having accomplished wonders.
  • Mr. Tapster, who prided himself on his sharp ears, suddenly heard a curious little sound.
  • I admit I was much annoyed, because I rather prided myself on the astuteness I had displayed.
  • But how ridiculous the position of the women who prided themselves on the steadiness and continuity of their service!
  • At that time the dealers accomplished all their journeys on horseback, and prided themselves on the fleetness of their saddle-horses.
  • He prided himself on knowing a man when he saw one, and he put down the occupier of the hut in this category.
  • He had prided himself so much on his name and pedigree, and yet he was only beginning to see how unworthy he had proved of both.
  • It was absurd to think he should be so deeply moved by any woman alive, he who prided himself on his self-possession.
  • He prided himself upon his iron will and turned uneasily from the weeds growing among the fine flowers of his nature.
  • These departments were among the richest and most prosperous of those on which France prided herself most industrially.
  • Then the horses were to be fed, and in season they worked in the large garden, on which their father prided himself.
  • He rather prided himself on the way he played his part, and wore the tri-color cockade with an air of conviction.
  • Indeed, he prided himself upon being well broken into a life of hard work, about which he had no sort of illusions.
  • Poet that he was, he prided himself much on his powers of penetration into human motives, when he had his subject before him....
  • Here the baron interrupted with a world of compliments and greetings; for, to tell the truth, he prided himself upon his courtesy and eloquence.
  • I had always prided myself that I knew something of music, but her knowledge was far deeper than mine.
  • The boy had somewhat prided himself on his skill as a hunter, but he soon saw that compared with Fourie he was the merest novice.
  • For instance, I have always prided myself on a certain quality of quick decision, once my mind was made up.
  • He prided himself upon getting on so well with young people, and these young Graftons were so easy to get on with, up to a point.

Short Example Sentence for Prided

  • Gurner prided himself on his knowledge.
  • And he prided himself on not making mistakes.
  • He prided himself on his distaste for ugly surroundings.
  • The house prided itself upon its tone.
  • I rather prided myself on the construction of my bed.
  • Oh, I prided myself on that!
  • Miss Comstock prided herself upon her outlook.
  • France had prided herself on her versatility in airship design.
  • The gift on which she especially prided herself was her story-telling.
  • A way of achieving respectability upon which they prided themselves.
  • He prided himself that he never bought anything at the top of the market.
  • The Corsairs prided themselves on the ship-shape appearance of their vessels.
  • The Methodist church in Cherryvale prided itself that it was not "new-fangled.

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