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  • A man was dying and the priest was with him.
  • And through the priest the mind inspires.
  • The priest lifted the chalice.
  • That old priest absolutely pushed the parcel away.
  • Father Valentine was a priest who lived a long time ago.
  • He was to come at the same time as the priest and the coffin.
  • The lawyer and the priest hastened to take their leave and disappear.
  • The priest came out of the people, and sympathized with his class.
  • The bishop said nothing, but he gave the priest all the powers he desired.
  • Years went by, and at last the good priest became too old to visit his people.
  • The priest had denounced him from the altar on the previous Sunday.
  • Ay, if your priest should be an actor too, As not improbably may come to pass.
  • No priest dares hint at a Providence which does not respect English utility.

How To Use Priest In A Sentence?

  • But the priest would not consent to it without first reading the titles at least.
  • The priest and bachelor, immediately recognizing their friends, ran toward them with open arms.
  • You are bringing a terrible accusation against a respected and unspotted priest and man of God.
  • Chief priest with mitred head-dress in centre: winged devil holds up the train of right figure.
  • What parish priest would raise a memorial to any English victory in the twentieth century?
  • A third time did Widow Murphy give the priest what she could not in the least afford.
  • They would say for the Purpose, that it was inconsistent with a Priest to make War.
  • Question or priest or sage, and they Seem, in the answer you receive, To mock the questioner.
  • It is not uncommon for a priest to get a bit of truth by accident or by cunning from one of his flock.
  • A certain very poor widow was paying the priest money for the soul of her son, who was killed in a faction fight.
  • If, in any manner, he can leave the election and paying of the priest to the people, he will do well.
  • A priest once threatened a bibulous parishioner, that if he did not become more sober in his habits, he would change him into a mouse.
  • But he had never forgotten that one of the first duties of any ruler is to be, in some sense, a priest unto his people.
  • He got religion, and the priest told him he ought, so as he could leave me his money without any fuss.
  • He possessed a beautiful voice, and the priest felt sure that were it possible to procure him an efficient musical training he would have a future.
  • Nobody can tell what a cross my sister is to me except the good priest in the church where I go every day.
  • How they settled this in the confessional I do not know, possibly it was a trifle they did not consider worth troubling the priest with.
  • The priest gravely vouched for the accuracy of this narrative, and Clement made a note of it in his parchment roll.
  • Behind the iconastasis the priest and the Patrol-officer took their stand, surrounded by gilded icons and consecrated candles.
  • A hooded Palatkan priest walked up to the vault door and gave each of the men a small pail of broth and a long stick of bread.
  • Old Ridgeway was hated in the corps, and a better way of disposing of the priest and paying off the quarter-master could not be thought of.
  • Full oft the ponderous axe on high the priest hath raised, In consecration o'er the earth-bowed victim's neck.
  • She used to hospitably entertain her confessor Father Tom, a priest with a keen appreciation of the good things of the table.
  • The village priest himself led forth a little band of his stout-hearted followers to attack this dread instrument of the Evil One.
  • When the priest had finished his office we slipped out before any one else moved, and reached the shelter of the woods again without encountering any other person.
  • Straight for a priest the mother sent, Who, when he understood the jest, With what he saw was well content.
  • The priest of a little town in Cilicia was engaged one day in saying mass when a band of Saracens burst in, and began to plunder the town.

Definition of Priest

(transitive) To ordain as a priest. | a religious clergyman (clergywoman, clergyperson) who is trained to perform services or sacrifices at a church or temple | a blunt tool, used for quickly stunning and killing fish
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