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How To Use Primarily Because In A Sentence?

  • Primarily, because it forces the boy to do small work and mind what he is about.
  • Accordingly, the symbol # was chosen, primarily because it appears on every typewriter.
  • Such operations are possible, primarily, because of the fact that the same influences affect different markets in different ways.
  • If prairie dogs were able to survive primarily because of over-grazing by domestic animals, future introductions may fail.
  • She was glad to be out of the "Imperial," not primarily because of its hours or its wage but because she hated to be worked like a machine.
  • Tommy does not assume the hat primarily because it is Uncle William's hat, but because it is not Tommy's hat.
  • Thus it seems quite possible that both Oronoco and sweet-scented were originally one variety which became two, primarily because of the different soil composition.
  • He was a Pathan of the Kakhar tribe and had an immense respect for his master, primarily because the latter was his equal in both these attributes, and also for another reason which may or may not appear.
  • The Iroquois were determined to destroy their ancient enemies, the Hurons, primarily because they hated them, and secondarily because they were allies of the French.
  • In his despondency it was not granted him to see that the greatest thing which he could do was already done; that he had set in motion all the machinery of what had taken place and what was about to take place; that all the figures in the action of the further drama of that night were to act as they were to do primarily because of promptings which came from him.
  • Even when he believes that a law is unwise, or even unjust, he hesitates to violate it, not only because he might be punished therefor, but primarily because it has become wrong, according to his conscience, to violate a law that has been adopted by the representatives of his fellow citizens as just and beneficial.
  • Buitenzorg is conspicuously different from other Javanese cities, partly because, being the seat of government, its European quarter is exceptionally extensive, but primarily because it boasts the famous Botanical Gardens, in many respects the finest in the world.
  • ; primarily because she feels that she looks very much like a horse with a fly up its nose, which as a matter of fact, she doesn't at all.

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  • "Primarily because he wanted the money, of course," maintained Charley.

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