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  • The doctors were primarily healers.
  • And primarily it must be taught obedience.
  • Modern salesmanship is based primarily upon common sense.
  • His hero is primarily not a Baptist, but a man.
  • Only the alteration of them is not primarily your affair; it is theirs.
  • I hid my coat there primarily with the idea of it being a pillow.
  • Political problems do not primarily concern truth or falsehood.
  • The family is an ideal democracy because it exists primarily for persons.
  • But under all sound finance must be primarily the truth of humanity.
  • Even armies and navies are now justified primarily as agents of peace.
  • These dirigibles were intended primarily for private pleasure purposes.
  • The salesman depends for his success primarily upon his talking ability.
  • But, as we have indicated, his preparedness is primarily inner, spiritual.
  • He must know how to primarily sort, sub-divide, and despatch letters.
  • All U-C's are primarily fitted for mine-laying.

How To Use Primarily In A Sentence?

  • It seems very likely that the tower was primarily intended to be a defensive work.
  • The age-categories here recognized are based primarily on the structure of the skull.
  • English is used in practically all classes which are primarily for the teaching of English.
  • It is primarily to give an account, a description, of what he has seen or heard or read.
  • Most of them, therefore, were intended primarily to be appeals, as well as stories.
  • Yarns for the hand-looms are obtained primarily from India and secondarily from Japan.
  • In which portion of the brain are words primarily and principally revived during the process of thinking?
  • The intention of this book is primarily to be amusing; but it will be strange if it do not instruct as well.
  • It is primarily a physical doctrine, and has been developed chiefly in connection with the physical sciences.
  • On this original kindred depends all the process of education; the influence of which therefore is primarily negative or auxiliary.
  • It obliterated primarily and absolutely that holiest of holy trade-union regulations, by which output is restricted.
  • The different subspecies figured show the essential characteristics of the species, differing primarily in size.
  • I and my kind of people exist for primarily is to battle with that, to annoy it, disarrange it, reconstruct it.
  • It is indeed clearly self-evident that on many accounts the man in business must give attention primarily to the service he is trying to render.
  • Since library story-telling is directed primarily toward inspirational reading, the selections listed are chiefly from literary sources.
  • And to Herbart consciousness is not the condition but rather the product of ideas, which are primarily forces.
  • It is dependent primarily upon the ear, an organ of exquisite feeling, whose sensations are infinite in number and in kind.
  • The solution in which the copper plate is immersed is primarily a solution of copper sulphate, commonly known as blue-stone, in water.
  • At all events he owed his success in life primarily to Montage, to whom he appears to have acted as a sort of agent.
  • It may be objected that Tennyson is primarily an artist, not a thinker, and that he should be judged not by his message but by his song.
  • She had accommodations for some, but she was primarily a freighter, detoured this trip to carry a cargo of oil to the Argentine capital.
  • The two men were primarily of so different a temperament, that they apparently could not long agree even on subjects on which they were most in accord.
  • Fathers and mothers are not only the first and most potent quickeners and guides in the religious life, but they are primarily responsible for the selection of all other stimuli to that life.
  • A school for mothers is primarily an educational institution, providing training and instruction for the mother in the care and management of infants and little children.
  • Amusement primarily is said to be derived from the halt which a dog makes in hunting, when he pauses to sniff the air in order to see in which way the scent lies.

Definition of Primarily

(focus) Of a primary or central nature, first and foremost
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