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  • The primary assemblies.
  • The primary ossification is in the stalk.
  • Necessity is probably the primary one.
  • Cells may be of two types, primary and secondary.
  • Types of Primary Cells.
  • Lake City, Primary S., 9.50.
  • This chapter is devoted to the primary cell or battery alone.
  • Indeed, the general contour should have primary consideration.
  • Of such as do go to school nine out of ten only go to primary schools.
  • The primary battery is not an economical way to generate electric energy.
  • Besides primary colours, none others need be used on the cornice.

How To Use Primary In A Sentence?

  • This ought to be the primary object of all our politics and all our military operations.
  • What eluded him was precisely that human element which was the primary object of his quest.
  • It derives its current from primary batteries or from any direct-current source.
  • The secondary phosphates are as a rule insoluble, while most of the primary salts are soluble.
  • All colours, other than blue, red, and yellow, result from the admixture of the primary colours.
  • In after years and under New York Central management this primary defect was corrected.
  • In this way the fact that the primary is of large wire and of comparatively few turns is indicated.
  • It is seen that the primary of the induction coil and the transmitter are included in series across the line.
  • The primary ossification is present at an early age and subsequently increases in size and solidity.
  • After the general form has been considered, the mass may be broken into primary and secondary parts.
  • If this be admitted, the laws cannot be regarded as primary or independent causes of the phenomena of the physical world.
  • But we may reverse the conditions, and lower the primary to a tint retaining the secondary in its intensity.
  • We see too how large a portion of this long list of appellatives may ultimately be traced back to a few primary roots.
  • The primary purpose was to establish a full and exact list of all subscriptions, with notation especially of delinquencies.
  • In truth, the spirit of those proceedings did not commence at that era, nor was religion of any kind their primary object.
  • Of these two types of primary cells the intermittent-current cell is of far greater use in telephony than the constant-current cell.
  • Usually the repeating coil has a one to one ratio of turns, that is, there are the same number of turns in the primary as in the secondary.
  • Not one in a million of those who pass away every year, die from the effects of age, as a primary cause.
  • The primary cause is to be traced to over-dilution of latex, giving a very soft coagulum which responds too readily to tension and pressure.
  • It is better, therefore, to convert the insoluble calcium phosphate into the soluble primary phosphate before it is applied as fertilizer.
  • Some years ago it was quite common to find green cover-plants employed on estates with the primary idea of minimising weeding costs.
  • Mr. Gokhale himself has abandoned the idea of making primary education compulsory for girls as well as for boys.
  • The receiver, transmitter, and primary winding of the induction coil are, however, included in a local circuit with the condenser.
  • While the secondary phosphates, on heating, give salts of pyrophosphoric acid, the primary phosphates yield salts of metaphosphoric acid.
  • The relation between the windings of the induction coil in this practice are such that the secondary winding contains many more turns than the primary winding.
  • The exigencies of his theory demanded a method of accounting for the primary origin of life different from any that can be found in the common process of propagation.
  • The primary current was transformed by an induction coil of the ordinary type and the transformed current was sent through a non-inductive resistance of 3,000 ohms.
  • This is undoubtedly the goal towards which primary education should be directed, but it can only be reached by steady and continuous effort spread over a long term of years.
  • There is a tendency to transformer action in this arrangement, one of the windings serving as a primary and the other as a secondary, but this has not prevented the device from being highly successful.

Definition of Primary

first or earliest in a group or series. | main; principal; chief; placed ahead of others. | (geology) Earliest formed; fundamental.
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