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  • A primer of stagecraft.
  • A primer of economics.
  • An excellent primer for beginners.
  • Describase el primer movimiento revolucionario.
  • Quien fue el primer presidente?
  • It seemed a sort of primer or word-book.
  • Este es el primer y gran mandamiento.
  • El primer provocador ha sido el gobierno.
  • Cual fue el primer acto de los espanoles?
  • That's a woman's primer lesson in life.
  • En primer lugar porque no es V. malo.
  • The Primer Class held its breath.
  • El general Flores fue el primer presidente de la republica.
  • An admirable primer by a brilliant leader of advanced criticism.
  • An excellent primer of the subject, generally conservative.
  • Cual es el primer procedimiento en la preparacion de la fibra?
  • But this morning he was at his desk copying from his Primer on to his slate.
  • But then he had been in the Primer Class from the beginning.
  • It was a folio, pro patria size, in pica, with long primer notes.
  • Es Colombia el primer pais del mundo en la produccion de platino?
  • With Notes adapted to the Shorter Latin Primer and Vocabulary.
  • El primer virrey, don Blasco Nunez Vela, llego a Lima el 17 de mayo de 1544.

How To Use Primer In A Sentence?

  • A primer of information about the processes of electrotyping and stereotyping.
  • A primer of information about the composition, manufacture, and care of inking rollers.
  • This primer was illustrated with Bible pictures and contained the shorter catechism.
  • The way of the Primer teacher was not made easy in a public school of twenty-five years ago.
  • The Primer Class according to the degree of its infant precocity was divided in three sections.
  • After the Primer Class had filed in, with panting and frosty entrance, the bell rang again.
  • He will understand that it is inadvisable in a short primer to allude to all the genera that exist.
  • A primer of information about the materials and processes of manufacturing paper for printing and writing.
  • A primer of information about the various operations employed in binding pamphlets and other work in the bindery.
  • A primer of information about the marks of punctuation and their use, both grammatically and typographically.
  • A primer of information about the customary methods and machines for taking printers' proofs.
  • A primer of information about abbreviations and signs, with classified lists of those in most common use.
  • A primer of information about capitalization, with some practical typographic hints as to the use of capitals.
  • Steve agreed instantly, and he might have been complimenting a first primer favorite so pleased was his tone.
  • A primer of information about the distinctive features of the relief, the intaglio, and the planographic processes of printing.
  • In some of the cells, where the inmates are learning to read and write, there is a spelling primer and a copybook for pothooks.
  • At the same time the gun crew swung the gun out and fired a primer to indicate how quickly they could have fired a real shot.
  • Paul Maxwell landed there and his fingers were covered with blood from his having to work, the primer pump constantly.

Definition of Primer

(obsolete) First in time, initial, early. | (obsolete) First in importance, premier. | (obsolete, rare) First in position, foremost.
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