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  • I now only reply to the principal points.
  • This indeed was her principal grievance.
  • Castor-oil was the principal beverage.
  • Its low voltage is its principal disadvantage.
  • At any rate there are two principal ones.
  • The principal personages signed first.
  • Jim, the principal offender.
  • What are the principal parts of an induction coil?
  • State the four principal properties of a telephone line.
  • This science of morals has six principal divisions.
  • It is, indeed, his principal political asset.
  • The principal Church of this City is a large Pile.
  • Boating on the lake had been the principal diversion of the guests.
  • Who hopped up and dowa In the principal street Of a neighboring town.
  • Koenneritz, Von, principal director of the Court band and Opera in Dresden.
  • The principal bailiwicks of England were--1.
  • A Popular Exposition of the Principal Points of Human Ontogeny and Phylogeny.

How To Use Principal In A Sentence?

  • Soon the lady principal also entered and she was very pleasant and agreable.
  • By just such a process must come each principal addition to his stock of concepts.
  • Of these about two-thirds acknowledged the truth of the principal charges against the order.
  • The position of the words in a sentence is the principal means of showing their relationship.
  • She took most of her servants with her, intending to make it her principal abode.
  • The principal scene of the second act was between Mrs. Holmes and the man who had divorced her.
  • Table II shows the electrical deportment of the principal metals in three different liquids.
  • In the private editorial office of the principal newspaper in a great colonial city two men were talking.
  • Beyond our own home our principal treat was to take tea in the snug little house where we made our first acquaintances.
  • The principal investment necessary to provide facilities for telephone service is that required to produce the telephone line.
  • I sat at the table with the lady principal and enjoyed very much seeing all the young girls trooping into the dining-room.
  • The lack of reliable means of measuring telephone currents has been a principal cause of the difficulty in solving many of its problems.
  • He had come to the school after Joseph's arrival and helped the principal in giving instruction.
  • He had had enough of scouting, and was glad to return to the regiment, his principal regret being that he had to part from his two trusty scouts.
  • The telegraphic system soon after the Government took to it was extended in this district to twenty of the principal villages.
  • The principal obstacle is here; make the beginning right; master these prisons and these camps, and we are safe.
  • These, then, are the men, and these their principal methods, which provided the scenario for the impending clash.
  • The desire "to be spoken of" was, as he himself confesses, one of his principal motives for action on this occasion.
  • The principal domestic event of the year was the threatened railroad strike, which came at the end of the Summer.
  • Electricity can produce actions of four principal kinds: physiological, thermal, chemical, and magnetic.
  • The Americans, who were about a quarter of a mile from the principal camp, turned and fled in confusion.
  • A Key to the Characters and Principal Incidents in the Tales of Charles Dickens.
  • Frederick was as surprised as they when, on entering a room of the principal inn, he found it filled with Austrian officers.

Definition of Principal

Primary; most important. | (obsolete, Latinism) Of or relating to a prince; princely. | (finance, uncountable) The money originally invested or loaned, on which basis interest and returns are calculated.
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