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  • It thus comes out of the prism at some angle to the line at which it entered.
  • Sunlight passing through a prism is split up into the familiar seven colours of the rainbow.
  • A spectrum is a collection of the colors which are dispersed by a prism from any given light.
  • When this is the case, the field becomes enlarged, and the length of the prism is reduced.
  • The length of the prism is in this way much reduced, and amounts to only 1.528 times its breadth.
  • The rotation of the Nicol prism with the vernier is performed by means of an endless screw.
  • But now is the prism perfect, and the generation of the Gods discovered in their order.
  • The thin lips of her pursed mouth strongly suggested a potatoes, prunes, and prism training.
  • The first melody of the Ashmolean Prism contains a reference to the horse of Suruppak.
  • The major text is written upon a four-sided prism now in the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford.
  • On the side of the prism nearest the eye is a small wheel diaphragm attached to regulate the size of the opening.
  • The end surfaces and also the cut carried through the prism are parallel to the principal axis of the calc-spar.
  • She looked through her emotions as through a prism on the simple fact of his telegraphing, and it became immediately transfigured.
  • For this purpose the whole prism was inclosed in a short glass tube with airtight ends, which was filled with monobromonaphthalene.
  • As one looking through a prism sees a fine bordering of rainbow on every object, so he beheld a glorified world.
  • The attacker is looking at his target with his eye (the top prism of the periscope) only a few inches above water-level.
  • A mere prism disperses the light so imperfectly that different orders of vibrations, perceived as colors, are mingled.
  • For greater convenience, the prism may be placed on a stand on the table, made to turn round on an axis.
  • Like a prism or cube, this problem has several sides, but unlike these symbols, its various sides are unlike each other.
  • Ebbing, flowing, pulsing to some tremendous rhythm, the prism colors hurled themselves in luminous deluge across the firmament.
  • The external form of the prism may thus be similar to the Hartnack, the calc-spar being replaced by glass.
  • His original idea was to obtain, without prism or grating, a homogeneous pencil of great wave-length sufficiently intense to be examined.
  • The crystals have the form of six-sided tables or prisms; the angle between the prism faces (lettered o in the figure) being 60 deg.
  • See also the "gas tubes" illuminated by electricity, as sold by opticians, and let the prism yield you daily instruction.
  • It is considered by Dr. Feussner to be the most perfect prism capable of being prepared from calc-spar.
  • This principle of obtaining a single polarized ray by means of total reflection of the other is common to all the forms of prism now to be described.
  • The ends of the prism are perpendicular to its length; the section carried through it is in a plane perpendicular to the principal axis of the crystal.
  • No crystal prism flashes on our sight Such radiant splendor of the rainbow's whole Of color.
  • The zero position of the Nicol prism is indicated by a line, as well as the angles 90, 180, 270 deg.
  • The prism is supported on a vertical hinge so that it may be readily turned out of the axis of the microscope without disconnecting the whole apparatus from the stand.
  • It had long been known that white light when passed through a glass prism is broken into a colored spectrum, with colors similar to those observed in the rainbow.
  • By means of a prism mounted in a metal box, the object is reflected into the eye in such a manner that its image appears erected on the drawing surface.
  • But what that mystic prism shadows forth Hath menace which auxiliar from the North May scarce avert.
  • The reflected image lies at the side of the microscope, the rays passing off at an acute angle from the reflecting prism near the top of the eye-piece.
  • Newton discovered that if a ray of white light be allowed to fall upon a triangular prism or glass, it is dispersed or broken into a number of colored rays known as the spectrum.
  • She held it towards me, turned it like a prism in various directions to catch the changing rays, while its odoriferous breath perfumed the whole apartment.
  • With such an arrangement as this direct copying can be attained through the lens, or the camera can be turned half-way round, and the image reversed by means of a mirror or prism attachment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prism | Prism Sentence

  • As an analyzing prism of about 6 mm.
  • All these colors may be recombined by a second prism into white light.
  • This prism is very short, and may indeed be even shorter than it is broad.

Definition of Prism

(geometry) A polyhedron with parallel ends of the same size and shape, the other faces being parallelogram-shaped sides. | A transparent block in the shape of a prism (typically with triangular ends), used to split or reflect light. | A crystal in which the faces are parallel to the vertical axis.
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