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  • Newton determined to analyze the prismatic hues.
  • The sun impresses a faint prismatic hue.
  • Iridescent: a surface which reflects the prismatic hues.
  • The prose light of common day is breaking into prismatic rays.
  • The east quivered with prismatic colors and suddenly the sun appeared.
  • Iridicolor: any color so broken up as to reflect the prismatic hues.
  • Beneath the sun, the white expanse shimmered in prismatic brilliance.
  • Behind us the sea is glistening, and prismatic colors play upon the cliffs.

How To Use Prismatic In A Sentence?

  • The have been especially successful in producing fine effects from prismatic arrangements.
  • They have given me great pleasure by reason of their prismatic quality and their whimsical humor.
  • And with unimpaired dignity he descended the ladder and was rowed away over the prismatic waters.
  • One prismatic compass, three and a-half inch, with silver ring: 5 pounds 5 shillings.
  • This bit of natural surface is such that it suggests the specimen to have been made of a prismatic basaltic column.
  • The same remarks might be made respecting the harmony of shades of colour with colours of prismatic intensity.
  • Even with plain cylindrical or prismatic charges a marked saving in the process of production is effected by this new system.
  • But, ah! how the mud glistened in the evening sunshine which was reflected on it in prismatic colours.
  • They use only the seven colours of the prismatic spectrum, and in thus restricting their palette they have limited their range of greys.
  • And all this gorgeousness of coloring was reflected in the lake, whose waters seemed dyed with all the prismatic hues of the rainbow.
  • You may see the drops glistening in the sun like glass beads, but they will not exhibit prismatic tints.
  • Then the nights were moonlight, and that was a great beauty, the moon giving us the same prismatic effect.
  • Then the furnace was shut and again her fair outlines were left to the imagination, except for the prismatic twinkle and glow of her cabin lights.
  • I find them to be delicately wrought, with a prismatic beauty of phrasing, which errs slightly on the side of preciosity.
  • Or were the elements wafting us over a minute winter-forest, whose fragile boughs were loaded with prismatic crystals?
  • Change your position, and you may see another, but never a great display of prismatic tints at one time.
  • I stood on the fo'c'sle-head for several hours to-day watching the effect, and surrounded by a halo of prismatic colours.
  • It forms dark blue prismatic crystals containing 3, 4, or 6 molecules of water according to the temperature of crystallization.
  • The body, nearly transparent, or of a pellucid green, is glossed with all the variety of prismatic tints, and thickly dotted with brown.
  • When it is near the horizon, or when the atmosphere is very unsteady, Sirius flashes prismatic colors like a great diamond.
  • It was composed of ice, which, wherever the snow had failed to lodge, appeared hard, transparent, and prismatic in the rays of the sun.
  • This composition imprisons a large amount of oxygen for combustion and is found to act most successfully when formed into rather large prismatic grains.
  • The determination to use a concrete such as that described affords a good reason for the prismatic shape of the granite blocks used in the lower courses.
  • Those persons who report beholding a great display of prismatic effects in the foliage of trees, or in the grass after a shower, are not to be credited.
  • Further, the prismatic rays will render visible the results of some of the influences dependent upon the environment with which it is surrounded, which play upon it before and after birth.
  • When he attained what he supposed was his best mood, he read over again the work of the preceding day, and was delighted to find that it now glowed with prismatic hues.
  • At the end of a gleaming pathway rose a castle built entirely of crystal, its innumerable domes and turrets reflecting the light in a thousand prismatic hues.
  • Yesterday, before the sky clouded over, there was a most remarkable ring or halo of prismatic colours round the sun, ominous of the storm which has followed.
  • Ida looked, but her tears were falling much too fast for her to have a clear view of anything, and the torn edges of the rent seemed fringed with prismatic colours.
  • What prismatic effect, brighter than the outdoor desert sunshine is hard to imagine, but a large shining object close at hand would be pretty terrifying.
  • I also discovered that the webs of the little spiders in the road, when saturated with moisture, as they were from the early fog this morning, exhibit prismatic tints.
  • Just out of reach of a fiercely burning building, the water rose like a colossal fountain, throwing exquisite sprays of prismatic colour into the sunny air.

Definition of Prismatic

Of or pertaining to a prism; having the form of a prism; containing one or more prisms. | Separated or distributed by, or as if by, a transparent prism; formed by a prism; varied or brilliant in color.
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