Privileges In A Sentence

Definition of Privileges

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of privilege | plural of privilege

How To Use Privileges In A Sentence?

  • You have been admitted to privileges the want of which would be felt as hardships.
  • What were the privileges of the higher classes which would sit most gracefully on their inferiors?
  • The privileges conceded to the fraternity by the popes made the church their enemy.
  • We shall have your letters and privileges to this effect sent to you in proper form.
  • She took in the situation, and knew how to turn its privileges and advantages to account.
  • It enjoys many privileges from the supreme pontiffs, and innumerable indulgences.
  • The decrees of the 4th of August, by which all privileges were abolished, are well known.
  • She could never understand why Elizabeth should have privileges beyond her Lizzie.
  • You shall enjoy the same privileges as Muhammadans in their mosques and Hindus in their temples.
  • I rather conceive a participation in those privileges to be itself a remedy for some mental disorders.
  • They have all the rights and privileges enjoyed by men, and are subject to the same duties and responsibilities.
  • He also extended the privileges of the town, and increased both the endowment and the number of the prebends.
  • He wronged their mother by imposing upon her the burdens and cares of maternity without the rights and privileges of a wife.
  • Unfortunately, certain capitalists have arrogated to themselves monopolies and privileges which are quite sufficient to account for this feeling.
  • In Natal they ask for the maintenance of the rights and privileges they have had for years and years.
  • Where toil-worn mothers bent beneath their heavy burdens their more favored daughters are enjoying the privileges of education.
  • The priests of the order took precisely the same vows as the rest of the brethren, and enjoyed no privileges above their fellows.
  • Not only did he reap enormous profits from the fur trade, but also from banking privileges in which he was a conspicuous factor.
  • He rode down to meet us, to inspect our license and to tell us about our privileges and our duties as good woodsmen.
  • It relates, not to the election of individuals to eternal life, but of a nation to the enjoyment of external privileges and advantages.
  • It is a collection of decisions by which the rights and privileges of a king of the Romans are ascertained with respect to these tribunals.
  • Both the above instruments are to a great extent merely confirmatory of the privileges previously conceded to the Templars.
  • And a henpecked husband always makes a great show of opposing everything that looks toward the enlargement of the work or privileges of women.
  • This revenue, as we have seen, came from his fur trading methods and activities and the profits and privileges of his shipping.
  • And he, at the advice of the saint, instituted therein a college of monks, the which he governed with the privileges of an abbot.
  • In a word, Flossy had been able to enjoy all the privileges of motherhood while having forfeited all those of happy wifehood!
  • That mention that I have acquired new and great privileges by grace of my age, is not an uncalculated remark.
  • The rich and fruitful Bengal has not long been subject to my rule, and does not yet enjoy the privileges of a settled government.
  • Although she was anxious not to accept any privileges on account of her wealth, Miranda thought she would occupy the spare chamber.
  • As to the mere civil privileges which the Dissenters held as subjects before the Revolution, these were not touched at all.
  • The privileges of the various chiefs, judges, captains, historians, poets, and so on, were handed down from generation to generation.
  • The cumulative effect of this class use of government was to give him and others a constant succession of grants and privileges that now have a prodigious value.
  • It is above all a splendid instrument for the education and culture of those vast masses of boys and girls that are denied the high privileges of the systematic training of the schools.
  • Whilst the privileges of nobility are passing to the middle class, the badge is discredited, and the titles of lordship are getting musty and cumbersome.
  • Because obviously they were in underhand alliance with those political bandits, and received from them special privileges and exemptions amounting in value to hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • But in her ignorance she was by no means sure that it might not be part of the privileges of a railway director to have special trains run for his service gratis, whensoever he should require them.
  • They are attracted by the political discussions which are carried on there with great freedom, and having no such resorts of their own, they are soon tempted to obtain the fuller privileges of membership.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Privileges | Privileges Sentence

  • High-school privileges for rural pupils.
  • Their vessels shared in the privileges reserved for British-built ships.
  • I allow that those gentlemen have privileges to which Mr. Burke has no claim.

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