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  • Young Slavin was probably more scared than hurt.
  • She has probably more influence over him than any other body in the world.
  • Probably more voices are ruined by strain than through any other cause.
  • You will get work there probably more easily than in the city.
  • This acorn food is probably more nutritious than any of the cereals.
  • There are at least two and probably more stages of condensation.
  • In the early days it was probably more a matter of cattle than of land.
  • The rubber ring consists of eight at least and probably more.
  • But Booth was probably more affected by more recent evidence.
  • They are probably more easily adapted than the Hawthorne versions.
  • The Romans were probably more measured in their speech than the Greeks.

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  • Weeds require just as much water and some of them probably more than the cultivated plants.
  • The affair was probably more of an excuse to celebrate than an expression of esteem.
  • Probably more than half of them expected to become successful singers in grand opera.
  • Are there not probably more men engaged in tending machinery than in tending men?
  • This celebrated work has amused children probably more than any other juvenile book.
  • Vane had been lucky enough to scratch him, probably more by accident than dexterity.
  • The difference between the two painters is probably more one of education than of natural gifts.
  • They are very shy and secretive, and are probably more common than generally supposed.
  • The enthusiasm of Collins was more active and adventurous, and his erudition probably more acute.
  • The Flyman, who was probably more habituated to positions of the kind, succeeded a trifle better.
  • It nests in June on some of the islands in Bering Sea and probably more commonly farther north.
  • Under these circumstances complete reasonableness is probably more than any of us would be capable of.
  • Funerals and marriages are probably more often celebrated by a dog feast than are any other of their ceremonials.
  • But the housewife is probably more interested in those articles in use in the house which it is her business to provide.
  • The wife whom he had won for himself was probably more valuable to him than if he had simply found her disengaged and ready to jump into his arms.
  • It was practical at least in the sense that it probably more helped to pass the time than all other pursuits together.
  • By the end of 1917 this famished country had to support probably more than two million extra persons.
  • It was this, probably more than her beauty, which had drawn me to her and made me happy in her companionship.
  • Probably more than one feeling was busy within him then, which it would have been hard to separate or analyse.
  • Probably more than another century will be required to complete the formation of this kettle by the slow melting of the buried ice-block.
  • In this roundabout manner she had probably more influence over Greece than in their periods of more direct communication.
  • He must dare to think for himself, or he will assuredly become a mediocrity, and probably more or less offensive.
  • It was probably more important as an influence upon the growth of universities than the works of Aristotle.
  • This inferior limit of marine vegetation is probably more definitely defined than the superior limit of land plants on snow-capped mountains.
  • But that would involve waiting till the morning, and even then a journey of probably more than forty miles would have to be taken on foot.
  • It is richer than the common potato in saccharine matter, and probably more nutritious; but not, it is believed, quite so wholesome.
  • He had, probably, more than common literature, as his son addresses him in one of his most elaborate Latin poems.
  • The psychologically more interesting but probably more exceptional situation is the one in which it is not only forgotten but cannot be recognized when it is brought to consciousness.
  • Of corrections like these we have discovered twenty-eight among the collations of "Hamlet" alone, and there are probably more.
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