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  • Pechell, Samuel, extraordinary probity of, 314.
  • His sublime intellectual probity never suffered itself to be tempted.
  • Good faith and probity are no longer virtues except among the simple people.
  • His probity is a by-word; his benefactions have enriched the province.

How To Use Probity In A Sentence?

  • He vowed that he was done with false pretences; henceforth the strictest probity should be his.
  • Her brother succeeded to the trade; a man of probity and honour, but somewhat hard and unamiable.
  • He piqued himself, above all things, upon his probity and justice, but the mask soon fell.
  • Let any man of probity venture to force his way into one of these dens of thieves and see how he will fare!
  • I am also instructed to say that your zeal and probity will be duly attested when any reference is addressed to the managers of this estate.
  • All these circumstances brought to my knowledge a great many things which probity will neither allow me to tell or to record.
  • They vaguely troubled her, since she would not have her father's probity left open to doubt.
  • An honest legislator has formed a people where probity has appeared as natural as bravery among the Spartans.
  • In a few years my industry and probity were fully recompensed, my wealth was really great, and my reputation for wealth still greater.
  • After the probity and good judgment of the tribunal, the two cardinal guarantees in state trials are accurate definition, and proof.
  • A Jesuit of advanced age and ancient probity once infringed this last order and listened to a woman penitent without witnesses.
  • Zadig had a friend named Cador, one of those young men in whom his wife discovered more probity and merit than in others.
  • His industry and probity obtained him both means and credit, and, also, what few young journalists obtain, social position.
  • His probity and good-nature were adjuncts of his valor, and his men were of the better class of New Englanders.
  • I dare venture the remark that the prosperity of a nation is more largely dependent upon the probity of its merchants than upon any other one class of men.
  • The revenue of the kingdom fell short of twenty-one millions of dollars, and there was a notorious want of probity in the management of the finances.
  • I know thy childlike loving heart, I know the perfect fairness and equitable probity of my Brother-in-law.
  • Even at that early age his regular habits enabled him to acquire some property; and his probity and business talent obtained for him the confidence of the leading men of the colony.
  • They who have an opportunity of knowing his Excellency Mr. Adams trace in his features the most unequivocal marks of probity and candour.
  • Nor, though his character for probity and loyalty stood exceptionally high among the men of his profession, was he the slave to any questionable claims of honor or of duty.
  • Her husband appears to have been a person of great probity and meekness of temper, sincerely desirous to approve himself a useful member of society, and to do his duty conscientiously to all men.
  • For there was a time not so long past when you, with all your stern probity and your unwinking conscience, needed pity; yes, and pleaded for it when the mind was out of control.

Definition of Probity

Integrity, especially of the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.
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