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  • We now proceed to our history.
  • They were to proceed in boats down the lake.
  • Let us proceed first to the examination of being.
  • Wit and gay conceits proceed not from dull heads.
  • We may proceed now to the less exact sort of philosophers.
  • I see I can't proceed as I've begun.
  • He must wait for an overt act, then he might proceed as he pleased.
  • He then ordered Sam to seize the pick-axe and proceed to work.
  • And now, without further preface, I will proceed to business.
  • Does it proceed from a greater Sense of Courage, or of Cowardice?
  • Colonel Spaulding, you may proceed with Operation Mapcase as planned.

How To Use Proceed In A Sentence?

  • But if the deeds proceed from the will, then it at once attaches a responsibility to them.
  • I am positive that he is not the kind of man to go that far and not proceed to the end.
  • There was not the least hope in the world for him to proceed toward his goal this night.
  • Let us proceed then to examine them, to interrogate our consciousness in relation to them.
  • We shall proceed to subject this to a more searching and a more, satisfactory test.
  • But how does evil proceed from abstract forms; from the ideal region of the possible?
  • But wishing the verification of the truth, we consented to proceed in the matter as they elected.
  • We assume this position advisedly, and shall proceed to give the reasons on which it is based.
  • I will now proceed to show that on my present departure no more is due than the amount of Fl.
  • And now by the help of this example we may proceed to bring to light the nature of the Sophist.
  • To establish his position, he relies upon two arguments, which we shall proceed to examine.
  • Let us, then, proceed to examine the eighth chapter of Romans, upon which he relies.
  • How could there be an evil act which did not proceed from an antecedent evil principle or disposition?
  • On this subject we shall now proceed to unfold our views in as orderly and perspicuous a manner as possible.
  • Or again we may begin with the simplest elements of sense and proceed upwards to the highest being or thought.
  • Happily the high wind prevented the shower from continuing, so after a little while we were able to proceed on our journey.
  • The dismal coughing at times drowned all other sounds, and made it difficult to proceed with our work of distribution.
  • The judges ordered the attorneys of either side to state their side of the case, and to proceed with the matter.
  • We have many objections to this mode of explaining the origin of moral evil, some few of which we shall proceed to state.
  • Before we proceed to narrate its acts we will briefly state the result of the examinations of the Templars in other countries.
  • In air, sound vibrations consist of successive condensations and rarefactions tending to proceed outwardly from the source in all directions.
  • But he held all the music under his cloak too, nor would I proceed until he suffered me to carry it.
  • Here the precise point in dispute is clearly presented; and let us hear the contending parties, before we proceed to decide between them.
  • This solitary nocturnal singing, which could proceed from no other lips than those of the Canoness, instantly disarmed me.
  • But we may proceed in the wrong direction, by making it our immediate aim and object to exalt the sovereignty of God.
  • At length he could only proceed with great trouble and must needs stop every minute; the stones, too, crushed him terribly.
  • We now resume the thread of our narrative, and proceed to narrate the deeds of the Assassins, as we shall henceforth designate them.
  • After another rough night we arrived the next morning in Sira, from whence we intended to proceed to Crete.
  • When we were officially notified that the Kaiser would proceed next morning by special train to Berlin, we made our own preparations to depart.

Definition of Proceed

(intransitive) To move, pass, or go forward or onward; to advance; to carry on | (intransitive) To pass from one point, topic, or stage, to another. | (intransitive) To come from; to have as its source or origin.
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