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  • The earthworm begins processing the garbage immediately.

How To Use Processing In A Sentence?

  • With this, the vermicompost crate or pit will be ready for processing organic waste.
  • RTF is Rich Text Format, and is readable in nearly any modern word processing program.
  • In May 2005, Distributed Proofreaders Europe finished processing its 100th eBook.
  • There is plenty of oxygen locked up in those silicates; the problem is towing them to the processing plants where the stuff can be extracted.
  • Reaping, threshing, canning and other processing would prevent any dangerous quantities of fallout particles from getting into processed foods.
  • As soon as they landed, Rivas took off again to discover a copper mine and a complex of smelters and processing plants.
  • A house is a machine processing the water of living a replenished cistern, birds paying a call, a minor animal brushing past an ivy-railed fence.

Definition of Processing

present participle of process | The action of the verb to process. | The act of taking something through a set of prescribed procedures.
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