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  • Stephanus Savelli notarius, procurator dict.
  • And me a Deacon," as the Procurator would say.
  • Fray Alvaro de Benavente is sent to Rome as procurator of the province.

How To Use Procurator In A Sentence?

  • The Procurator seems to think that having them makes the difference between winning and losing.
  • The procurator is seated on the chair; he is in purple, and has a gold chain of triple thread.
  • Seven years later, he came to Manila, and was for fifteen years procurator of the college there.
  • After filling other offices, he was sent as procurator of the province to Madrid and Rome.
  • Stephanus Mantelli, procurator ut asserebat potentis viri domini Cruceoli Valent.
  • He was sent as procurator to Spain and Rome in 1618, and returned to Manila four years afterward.
  • Powerful rivals advanced their claims, but the procurator ought not to have abandoned his own affairs.
  • What the procurator had said touching the young Nazarene, had attracted her mind and turned attention from her own misery.
  • She would avail herself of the procurator of the Augustinians to restore her son to the good graces of the Dominicans.
  • Soon after his return from China, he sailed (1591) for Spain, where he acted as procurator of his province.
  • Consider the manner in which the religious had to apply to his tribunal; in no case would he accept a document save through the hand of the ecclesiastical procurator of his secular court.
  • He conceded the despatch of thirty religions, whom the procurator could take with him on the first occasion that should present itself, with the usual subsidies.
  • Let me cite, for one proof, the admission of the most persistent and most powerful oppressor of the Jews, the procurator of the Russian synod.
  • The second mission is in charge of Christobal de Santa Monica, who has been appointed procurator in 1663.
  • Licinus, originally slave and steward of Caesar, then set free and made procurator of Gaul, where he acquired immense wealth by extortion.
  • In 1665 he was sent as procurator for his order to Madrid and Rome; but he died on the voyage, December 29 of that year.
  • Felix the Roman, Felix the procurator of Judea and the favorite of Caesar appeared to her a noble acquisition.
  • Lucian must have spent much time at Athens, and he held office at one time in his later years as Procurator of a part of Egypt.

Definition of Procurator

A tax collector. | An agent or attorney. | A legal officer who both investigates and prosecutes crimes, found in some inquisitorial legal systems, particularly communist or formerly communist states – see public procurator
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