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  • Lang was a prodigious drunkard.
  • It seems a prodigious while ago!
  • This luck was too prodigious to risk.
  • The doctor heaved a prodigious sigh.
  • Jupiter rotates upon himself with prodigious rapidity.
  • Henry was pumping out oil in prodigious quantities.
  • The charges compound with prodigious rapidity toward the last.
  • But oh! prodigious to reflec'!
  • Here follows the anecdote, at prodigious length, and perfectly incoherent.
  • Cromwell was a prodigious thinker; but in language, oh! how deficient.

How To Use Prodigious In A Sentence?

  • It is a prodigious theater on which the most fantastic plays are continually being acted.
  • It possesses a surprising beauty and prodigious strength; but it is not venomous.
  • London grows vaster year by year, and there is no sign of arrest in its prodigious life.
  • He stopped to rest after this prodigious literary effort, and wipe the beaded sweat from his brow.
  • His broad shoulders, double joints, and bow-knees, gave tokens of prodigious strength.
  • But how prodigious the accumulation of architectural riches in the middle of an eastern desert!
  • Be it noted that all these stars are animated by prodigious motions that impel them in every direction.
  • A few years of intellectual elevation and development had made a prodigious change in the poor fugitive stripling from the convent.
  • And these vagabond comets and shooting stars and stellar nebulae, do they not make up a prodigious panorama?
  • Saw in a barn a prodigious treasure of onions in their silvery coats, exhaling a penetrating perfume.
  • And by whom have the prodigious taxes been paid, the loans supplied, and money advanced upon all occasions?
  • An object of quite ordinary charm seemed, because of that something which now filled me, to expand into prodigious beauty!
  • Here the river, in the distance of a few hundred yards, makes a descent of about a hundred and fifty feet over a prodigious bed of rock.
  • What a prodigious background of history, of science, of literature, one would gain as the years revolved!
  • Water, one of the substances absorbed by plants, is composed of oxygen and hydrogen, which are united by an affinity of prodigious force.
  • He was making a prodigious fuss about the Martello towers, and it would amuse her to explore the bays and inlets.
  • Among the wild animals are prodigious numbers of the vari-colored species of the gazelle, the bohur sassa, fecho, and madoqua.
  • At the report the black gave a prodigious leap, which Tartlet could not but admire from a choregraphic point of view.
  • We were paying again for what we foraged, and I remember doling out what must have seemed to the recipients a prodigious number of rupees.
  • At a prodigious price, at inconceivable cost of human woe, the purging of the soil from the Irish race was begun.
  • Such was the prodigious state of separation from a Mahometan principle of fanatical proselytism in which the Jews were placed from the very first.
  • Reasoning alone enables us to divine the prodigious movement that carries us along in the vast fields of the Infinite, in mid-heaven.
  • While we can't fit together such prodigious facts, we can't fit together a case against Treherne or against anybody.
  • The cumulative effect of this class use of government was to give him and others a constant succession of grants and privileges that now have a prodigious value.
  • Several copies of this impression found their way into this country, and created a prodigious sensation among the members of a school then in all its glory.
  • He was known to the Manorites as a funk at footer, and a prodigious consumer of "food" at the Creameries.
  • His labour was prodigious in spite of his frail health; and his knowledge of contrapuntal forms was such as to exact the highest encomiums from his instructors.
  • So prodigious were his efforts that more than once he had nearly torn himself free, but still the powerful arms of his captor held him as in a vise of iron.
  • The Irish were inexhaustible in defence, prodigious in courage, and endured hardships that Englishmen could not survive.
  • During that time the number of the Catholics has increased in so prodigious a manner that it has been raised to a number almost triple what it was when we received it.

Definition of Prodigious

Very big in size or quantity; gigantic; colossal; huge. | Extraordinarily exciting or amazing. | (obsolete) Ominous, portentous.
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