Product in a sentence

Definition of Product

(countable, uncountable) A commodity offered for sale. | (cosmetics, uncountable) Any preparation to be applied to the hair, skin, nails, etc. | Anything that is produced; a result.

Short Example Sentence for Product

  • 1. The product has a stranded or fibrous structure.
  • 2. The product of a puddling furnace is called wrought iron.
  • 3. The product formed in either case is hydrochloric acid.
  • 4. Years will elapse before the finished product leaves the crucible.
  • 5. Another product which yields a profit to the inhabitants is tobacco.
  • 6. The product of the combustion is therefore a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 7. This product is softer and darker in color and is called gray cast iron.
  • 8. This product is obtained in the manufacture of coal gas, as already explained.
  • 9. The crude product of the process is a hard black cake called black ash.
  • 10. In a commercial, the solution is, of course, the product being advertised.

How to use Product in a Sentence?

  • 1. Differences in respect of specialism by range of product are not shown in the formulae.
  • 2. The product formed by the burning of hydrogen in chlorine is the gas hydrochloric acid.
  • 3. Instead of this, some carbon dioxide escapes and the product is found to be a basic carbonate.
  • 4. It is a product or result, which is not psychologically, but logically or morally important.
  • 5. In 1875 the operatives numbered 60,176, and their product was 874,000,000 yds.
  • 6. Steel may therefore be defined as the product of the Bessemer or open-hearth processes.
  • 7. Practically nine-tenths of the Parish Churches in Devon and Cornwall are the product of this age.
  • 8. Cotton arrives at Havre and Marseilles; at the latter chiefly the product of Egypt and the East.
  • 9. She had actually manufactured the product that was to sustain them through the weary day of heat and effort.
  • 10. The hardness of the product is increased by the presence of a considerable amount of magnesium chloride in the paste.
  • 11. The product formed in this reaction is called nitrosulphuric acid or "chamber crystals.
  • 12. About 1% of the product is composed of other gases, from which it is very difficult to separate the nitrogen.
  • 13. The magnetizing force of a given helix depends on the product of the current strength and the number of turns of wire in the helix.
  • 14. The only materials permanently used up are calcium carbonate and salt, while the only waste product is calcium chloride.
  • 15. Thus oxide of sulphur is the product of the combustion of sulphur; oxide of iron is the product of the combustion of iron.
  • 16. It is a product of the oxidation of all organic matter, and is therefore formed in fires as well as in the process of decay.
  • 17. As regards manufacturing, the character of the product may partly explain the difference, but it will not entirely.
  • 18. It is thrown off from the lungs of all animals in respiration, and is a product of many fermentation processes such as vinegar making and brewing.
  • 19. The product of this process is the fast conjunction of the ego with itself, its satisfaction realised, and itself made actual.
  • 20. The product is called calcined soda, and is, of course, more valuable than the crystallized salt.
  • 21. For practical purposes, therefore, we may consider that carbon monoxide is the first product of combustion.
  • 22. And to Herbart consciousness is not the condition but rather the product of ideas, which are primarily forces.
  • 23. The product of all the heads is next united, condensed, formed into a continuous sliver, and deposited in a can.
  • 24. It seems probable that the first product of combustion of the carbon, at the point where the tuyers enter the furnace, is carbon dioxide.
  • 25. However lucky the moucher may be among pheasants, partridge, or grouse, rabbits are and must be the chief product of his nights.
  • 26. So the product of the corn-seed of five small loaves and two fishes, becomes sufficient, in the season, to feed five thousand.
  • 27. The mind comes before it as the supreme product of the natural world, the finest flower of organic life, the "truth" of the physical process.
  • 28. The product of the blast furnace is cast iron; that of the puddling furnace is wrought iron; that of the Bessemer and open-hearth methods is steel.
  • 29. In other words, for a given weight of a gas the product of the numbers representing its volume and the pressure to which it is subjected is a constant.
  • 30. The manufacturer runs more risks in laying by stocks than the spinner, because of the greater variety of his product and the more frequent changes that it undergoes.