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  • The production has been commensurate.
  • The aim of art is the production of repose.
  • These are general counsels, and apply to the production of books.
  • In modern commercial cotton production ginning machines are always used.
  • The production of the first of them in E flat major had been a failure.
  • The average annual production in India approximates to 3,000,000 bales.
  • This Society was founded by Surcouf for the production of ordinary balloons.
  • Clothing" was discussed in relation to its production and value.

How To Use Production In A Sentence?

  • The orderly repetition of parts frequently aids in the production of ornamental effects.
  • An increased production of 23% is thus due to improvement in the processes of manufacture.
  • If ever we ought to be economists even to parsimony, it is in the voluntary production of evil.
  • It was well done, the production of a draughtsman who knew the value of neatness and skill.
  • Its production was certainly a very unexpected display of vigour on the Liberal side.
  • In 1878 the working hours had fallen to fifty-seven, and the production had risen to 975 yds.
  • The production of cotton in Russia in 1906 was estimated at 675,000 bales of 500 lb.
  • I was studying Film Production with the goal to becoming a screenwiter/director.
  • The Whitehead Torpedo Co. has laid down plant for the production of hydro-aeroplanes.
  • In reference to the rehearsals of the first production of the E flat major Quartet, Op.
  • Utility must Govern the Production and Application of Ornament, 17-22, 145.
  • Alugean where they were to check the production of weapons and receive some for their personal use during the trip.
  • Is it true that a crown is the principle which causes the production of all the objects whose exchange it facilitates?
  • These are the chief principles which we shall have to notice, as involved in the production of ornamental designs.
  • And instead of the old haphazard methods of production it has made the building of an airplane an exact science.
  • He had decided to come home at once, and postpone the production of his play till the coming spring.
  • Now it was converted to the production of weapons, and all the other contents that were once within were taken down to another storage level.
  • This phantom was evidently due to the production of the sensation of light in the field of vision, and the subsequent effects of the imagination.
  • So confounded was he, by the unexpected production of this fatal missive, that he was unable to utter a single word of explanation or excuse.
  • It has been seen that when two substances unite chemically, with the production of light and heat, the act of union is called combustion.
  • How could the small industry, with a high cost of production because it was small, compete with Lancashire?
  • Apart from the efficiency of labour, reasons exist for the lower real cost of production in England in the organization of the industry.
  • In the case of cheap goods we spend time in getting smoothness of surface, while the Japanese devote it to the production of an art-effect.
  • In 1865 there were 24,151 persons employed in Massachusetts in the production of cotton goods, and they produced 175,000,000 yds.
  • This machine is the latest production of the Bristol Co., and has proved an exceptionally successful flyer.
  • It has been commonly thought that the production of cotton in the south is limited by the amount that can be picked, but this limit is evidently very remote.
  • The question is how to prevent this ridiculous wastage of students; how to prevent the production of this disappointed man who is a student only in name.
  • If the Gay-Lussac tower were omitted from the sulphuric acid factory, what effect would this have on the cost of production of sulphuric acid?
  • In the tropics the essential requirements are very similar, but there the dry season checks production in much the same way as do the frosts in temperate climates.
  • The first efforts made at the production of earthen vessels were mere attempts at copying in clay the forms of the fruit-shells which were in use as drinking vessels.
  • Highly as all your works are valued by true connoisseurs, still it is a great loss to art not to possess any fresh production of your great genius for the theatre.
  • The increase of production due to improved methods was thus in England 23%, and in Massachusetts 100%.

Definition of Production

The act of producing, making or creating something. [from 15th c.] | The act of bringing something forward, out etc. for use or consideration. [from 15th c.] | The act of being produced.
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