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  • England makes a good show in products and processes in every Exposition building.
  • These consisted mainly of raw cotton, machinery, prepared skins, chemical products, and wool.
  • One of the results of this ingenious deal was a sharp rise in the prices of all the products and some of the by-products of naphtha.
  • That means only just this: they now work and hold their own products, and are assured of nothing but what they earn.
  • Its object shall be the promotion of interest in nut-bearing plants, their products and their culture.
  • Its object shall be the promotion of interest in nut-bearing plants, their products and their culture.
  • It was not the custom of the planters to sell any but staple products, and they were planters, not farmers.
  • His business is subject to influences which very materially affect the quantity of his products, and still more the prices which they will command.
  • That purpose is doubly peaceful, for it includes a two-fold commerce of material products and of immaterial ideas.
  • It has motives and moods and products, and it grows in social conditions, that are full of danger for society.
  • The price was that while asleep one would hear high praise of commercial products, and might believe them when awake.
  • This organism is capable of forming highly toxic products, and it is to the effect of these poisons that its fatal result is generally due.
  • The deification of force, augmented by all the products and engines of modern science, is simply the way of sublimated savagery.
  • The price was that while asleep one would hear high praise of commercial products, and one might believe them when awake.
  • A comparison of the list of duties between 1897 and the end of 1898 shows that they were increased on twenty-eight products, and decreased on four.
  • But native American products and reasonably edible imitations of the real thing are available as substitutes.
  • In these the farmer might deposit his non-perishable agricultural products, and receive 80 per cent of their market value in greenbacks.
  • It exhibits patches of sulphur and variously-coloured volcanic products, and emits from several vents continual streams of smoke and vapour.
  • This increase, however, did not keep pace with the increasing demand for southern products, and so the market value of the slave rose rapidly.
  • In co-operative buying of supplies, co-operative selling of products, and co-operative insurance the volume of transactions reaches large figures.
  • Some of these clubs have gained more than a local reputation for their products and have been able to sell their whole output to hotels or to institutions.
  • Enterprising companies will be capturing and programming these differences and selling products and services to help the peoples of the world communicate better.
  • These extracts show how both Wordsworth and Coleridge assimilated past literary products, and how they glorified them by reproduction.
  • Practically there are three main divisions, "beef products," "hog products," and "dairy products.
  • As there was a difference in the natural products and resources of different sections of the country, there was a system of reciprocal trade in the exchange of the different desirable commodities.
  • These lands embrace every variety of soil, products, and climate, from that of St. Petersburg to the tropics.
  • There is little doubt that much of the indolence attributed to the climate was gradually developed in the people by the lack of opportunities to market their products and to get into touch with the outside world.
  • From this union spring forth factories making nuts and bolts and sewing-machines and engines and the thousand products and by-products of this age and place of steel.
  • This is very much an issue of language, since the products and their marketing have to be in the languages of Europe in order for them to be visible here.
  • And the day will come when this fair land will make men rich by the abundance of its products and the certainty of large returns upon development work done under favorable conditions.
  • Therefore we are, everybody is, driven to the secondary evidence of the similarity of conditions and products, and we can only subject them to our reason and at last determine the truth from the probabilities.
  • But Nature quietly suppresses those who treat thus disrespectfully one of her highest products and leaves the world to be peopled by the descendants of those who are not so foolish.
  • The monopolies in mineral products and manufactured goods, known generally by the name of trusts, it is self-evident are largely dependent upon the tariff.
  • Of these islands the writer presents an interesting account, describing their principal products and natural resources, as well as the character and religious beliefs of the natives.
  • It is a comparatively easy thing to lecture about literary products and to deal out literary knowledge of various kinds, and cheap philosophy in regard to the relations of literature to time and place.
  • And again, decisions about the direction of innovation have been largely, though not entirely, decentralized to the people who actually might use the products and services that result.
  • It has introduced new economies in the machinery of refining, has found profitable uses for naphtha and other waste products, and has vastly increased its output and the machinery of distribution.

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  • The cornering of products and the creation of unreasonable prices are avoided.
  • It is his special business to hunt up waste products and make them useful.
  • The nitrogen was determined in the products, and equalled 10.5 per cent.
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