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How To Use Profane In A Sentence?

  • If this latter was the truth then he was a very profane mule driver when he got mad.
  • Using indecent or profane language towards a female employee is a misdemeanour.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Profane | Profane Sentence

  • Tell that to the profane vulgar.
  • Are you a profane man?
  • Will you profane your holy office?
  • Un profane demande pourquoi.
  • Thou shalt not profane my name.
  • No gentleman uses profane language.
  • I love it, and cannot profane it.
  • I do despise a profane man above all things.
  • These were often called by their profane titles.
  • Even profane history furnishes like examples.
  • It is quite useless to talk about profane jesting.
  • Robert! was it not enough for you to profane everything?
  • He added a profane and heartfelt abjuration of the bandit.
  • Hypocrites better than profane persons, 299.
  • Between his gasps, profane expressions escaped him.
  • What you, a lay, profane outsider here!
  • A profane stage-player with such a gentle, generous heart!
  • Some of the Editors are sufficiently profane already.
  • The Captain proved to be a profane and brutal fellow.
  • The light and profane use of the Divine name is universal.
  • Religions of Profane Antiquity.
  • Sacred and Profane Love.
  • We must not so profane marriage, Betty and I.
  • But he did not profane that scene by the mockery of his art.
  • Such are praiseworthy in adding to their learning profane literature.
  • And then there would be no end of profane cordialities exchanged.
  • This hostility amounted to a mixture of the profane and the ludicrous.
  • The use of profane language was not allowed in or about the house.
  • In the space of a week he had developed a singularly profane vocabulary.
  • He is master of all that is worth knowing in sacred and profane literature.
  • In a thin and profane tenor he was bidden to explain his presence there.
  • At the same time it shields most of your sacred person from profane eyes.
  • He gave vent to a profane estimate of himself and left the office.
  • They seemed more wicked and profane the farther west we walked.
  • In the secret depths of his soul he uttered profane and troubled words.
  • From under the white cover of the wagon there came sounds of profane speech.
  • Whereupon the judge gave vent to the one profane word in his vocabulary.
  • My blue serge and bright tie were almost profane in those surroundings.

Definition of Profane

Unclean; ritually impure; unholy, desecrating a holy place or thing. | Not sacred or holy, unconsecrated; relating to non-religious matters, secular. | Treating sacred things with contempt, disrespect, irreverence, or scorn; blasphemous, impious.
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