Professed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Professed | Professed Sentence

  • Sarah professed for her.
  • What he professed he did.
  • Keith professed his readiness to do so.
  • Max professed himself at a loss.
  • She professed not to understand.
  • Billie professed himself quite ready.
  • With this vasculum he professed himself more than content.
  • She professed to have no compassion for her body.
  • He professed to be interested in the crime itself.
  • This professed ignorance was not affectation.
  • We professed our inability to conjecture.
  • Pitt professed himself very fond of raspberries.
  • I professed surprise at the wages.
  • He professed an utter contempt for life.
  • All this we had professed for nearly a hundred years.
  • Two more of the men professed themselves to be fair shots.
  • Allison had never professed a knowledge of women.
  • A man came and professed his love for me.
  • These comprise the best of his professed satires.
  • She had always professed a horror for bloodshed.
  • Taylor certainly professed a kind of heathenism.
  • I never professed to be a super-competent astrogator.
  • The taxi man professed an interest in nuts.
  • He was an old man, and professed to be loyal.
  • After all, though, that was what he professed to do.
  • For example, he professed to believe her untrue to him.
  • All of them professed to be Christians.
  • His father was a professed Christian.
  • For what was the professed object of this Address?
  • Times of my purchase and sale by professed Christians, 136.
  • I die in the faith professed by the Church of England.
  • They asked of her a sign that she was what she professed to be.
  • Harding had sought the other woman while he professed his love for her.
  • He professed to understand them and in a measure to sympathize with them.
  • The other three vows are the same as those professed by other religious.

How To Use Professed In A Sentence?

  • Then he professed his readiness to hear what she wished to say.
  • Happiness is the professed object which most men are striving to obtain.
  • The governor dissembled and professed to fall into the snare.
  • Had this man by look or word professed other than friendship for me?
  • Carden professed himself to be delighted, and this in all sincerity.

Definition of Professed

Openly declared or acknowledged. | Professing to be qualified. | simple past tense and past participle of profess
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