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  • Most of our professors do the best they can.
  • About sixty professors teach at these institutions.
  • To those who are professors of godliness amongst us.
  • Both were professors at one of the great universities.
  • I was soon in trouble with my professors ...
  • I have been sold by professors of religion several times.
  • My, but them professors can put the stuff away!
  • Frau des Professors hatte aufmerksam zugehoert.
  • But I wonder how the professors think of going to work?
  • I gave the lunch, inviting the professors I liked best.
  • It was at the funeral of one of the professors in the college.
  • One of the professors going down later found them and brought them up.
  • Its professors form the general and superior staff of teachers.
  • I also became acquainted with colored professors and presidents of colleges.
  • Several professors uneasily shifted the crossing of their knees ...
  • Side by side with them were a few intellectual women, professors and teachers.
  • Why, one of his professors had a penholder he had used for forty years!
  • Also, most of the professors would whisper "good riddance" to themselves.
  • The Klausenburg professors invited their patron to the public examinations.
  • But Val knew from the reports of the professors that she was working hard.
  • All our Professors were more or less gray, and they every one wore spectacles.
  • I asked him if he would like to meet some of the professors on the Hill....
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How To Use Professors In A Sentence?

  • Already the professors were beginning to row about me and report me for cutting recitations.
  • Some of their Professors should be able to do good work in the blithering line.
  • I once ventured to say a part of what I thought about it to one of the Professors of Unreason.
  • Immediately on the conclusion of the overture several professors left the table and clustered round the pianoforte.
  • It will be a sad reverse for all our great professors to be compelled to become schoolboys in their gray years.
  • The public were not of this opinion, and he was glad to give away tickets to any professors who applied for them.
  • Instead of dismissing professors for finding something out, let us rather discharge those who do not.
  • If conducted by special professors, they will tend to raise those professors at the expense of the regular faculty.
  • One should not decline to say that books written by college professors may not only be the material for literature but also literature itself.
  • Our professors are of the same stock as our business-men, our lawyers, our doctors, our politicians.
  • We do not, and in art we must leave the professors free to teach, and hold them responsible for their teachings.
  • Excommunication among the Indian professors of transcendental benevolence meant social death and inconceivable cruelty.
  • We have only to convert our colleges into universities, our college instructors into professors after the German model.
  • And thus the professors come to be generally figured in my mind, as the monkeys who tear holes in the pictures, to grin through.
  • Then, the professors repaint the old pictures in all the principal places, leaving perhaps only a bit of background to set off their own work.
  • He learns by heart one book and the notes of lectures of two or three of the favourite professors in Calcutta.
  • Just among the three of us, I know some university professors who'd flunk on that.

Definition of Professors

plural of professor
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