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  • Small is the profit of wickedness and malice.
  • You could not have had any profit from being her guardian.
  • That he might profit by a second sale.
  • He would get rid of him, and profit both ways.
  • Why should I give up so much profit to these rogues here?
  • The House is ruined, with no profit in the connection.
  • E'en profit of his scheme.
  • There's no profit in that.
  • Another product which yields a profit to the inhabitants is tobacco.
  • Where is the profit or satisfaction in this kind of thing, for you?
  • In addition to which there was a profit and loss account of $762,298.
  • The profit derived from the 20% thus removed is a very large one.
  • WITCH And much, sir, may the liquor profit you!
  • In three or four years the new post produced a profit of L250 a year.
  • I'll hence, since present I shall profit little.
  • What we did, we did for profit; and if the profit isn't there, we get out.
  • If I didn't he was willing to charge it up to profit and loss.
  • With what delight, what profit too, Thou'lt revel through thy gay career!

How To Use Profit In A Sentence?

  • It was the familiar field of those opportunities in copper which he hoped to profit by again.
  • What profit can there be in arguing the impossibility of a thing when the reality confronts you?
  • If schemes of profit are not profitable in this country, we do not encourage them.
  • I learnt to see it so by failures that were perhaps destroying any chance of profit in my lessons.
  • I must now soon go to the country, as this is the only season when I profit by it.
  • Since she will run with the men, it is as well for Kanemon to get the profit of the business.
  • I'm sensible enough to know when I'm licked, an' a fight without profit ain't in my line.
  • I'm well apprized, I heard the doctor catechized, And trust he'll profit much thereby!
  • Extravagance in dress was not prohibited, but the ministers were to profit by a tax on excess in apparel.
  • They were ticketed at eighteenpence a pair in the shop, and that was fivepence profit apiece for the poulterer.
  • Evidently the bigger salary the bigger profit to the whisky distiller was the rustic's theory.
  • Their forgetfulness of it is the fault of the false expounders of the gospel, who value worldly profit more than the kingdom of heaven.
  • We can almost trace its progress, and we feel that the time spent by us here is full of profit as well as pleasure.
  • The remainder is to be divided between us and said merchants, each of whom draws profit according to the number of pounds he has placed on board.
  • But the Viscountess did not give her niece time to profit much by the stranger's civility.
  • Guard hung his head dejectedly, his bright eyes seeming to say that he understood, and would profit by the lesson.
  • I never knew her to make the slightest attempt to profit by what I, or anyone else, would do for her.
  • Though I would gladly profit by your kind offer of living in your garden-house, various circumstances render this impossible.
  • No republication for profit in print or other media may be made without the express consent of the Copyright Holder.
  • Of course Toemon misinterepreted this motive; and Kakusuke was quite ready to profit by his mistake.
  • Jonah talked of his business, and stared at Clara as she listened, forgetful of him, her mind absorbed in details of profit and loss.
  • Love thine own soul, and comfort thy heart, remove sorrow far from the; for sorrow hath killed many, and there is no profit therein.

Definition of Profit

(transitive) To benefit (somebody), be of use to (somebody). | (intransitive, construed with from) To benefit, gain. | (intransitive, construed with from) To take advantage of, exploit, use.
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