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How To Use Progress In In A Sentence?

  • Retardation of rate of Progress in Collective Industries.
  • The discovery was fatal to all further progress in the triangulation.
  • There has been likewise progress in other than material respects.
  • Parallel to it goes the progress in the treatment of the insane.
  • His progress in other accomplishments was almost parallel with this.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Progress In | Progress In Sentence

  • Progress in wireless and in armament.
  • There is no intention of progress in it all.
  • Progress in forming sentences.
  • Somehow she was making no progress in any line.
  • Progress in bomb-dropping was not less.
  • This is progress in the right direction.
  • But he made progress in his studies.
  • Your progress in music is a marvel!
  • This is what is called progress in industry.
  • Astonishing progress in understanding what is said.
  • There was also great progress in learning.
  • Fortunately we do progress in this gray old world.
  • Research on nuts is in progress in many places.
  • The stages of progress in its use were as follows.
  • They have made progress in every line.
  • Since that year decay has made some progress in them.
  • The other lines of progress in some sense converge to it.
  • His progress in study continued to be extremely slow.
  • They had made but little progress in art and science.
  • She took great pride in her progress in her studies.
  • These reforms show progress in two directions.
  • Progress in Philosophy.
  • Mathematics, progress in, 7.
  • Slow progress in articulation (174).
  • On progress in nations towards democracy, 34.
  • But she saw some progress in Leonard.
  • Democracy is making progress in England.
  • Great progress in reproducing syllables and words (146).
  • He has made his best progress in the South.
  • He did, it is true, make some progress in natural science.
  • For a considerable time it makes progress in Italy.
  • Progress in Fish Culture.
  • Progress in Discovery and Invention.
  • Progress in Legume Inoculation.
  • A Century of progress in American song.
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