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How To Use Progress Of In A Sentence?

  • So slow was the progress of England in civilization.
  • Patrice and Coralie watched the progress of the search.
  • As in England the progress of improvement was slow.
  • He had laboured hard to stop the progress of the Gospel.
  • The Czechs saw clearly the progress of events.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Progress Of | Progress Of Sentence

  • Progress of idleness.
  • Progress of arts and language.
  • Folks expects progress of you.
  • Still the progress of the courtship was not encouraging.
  • The progress of the age was the subject.
  • The progress of the war is out of our province.
  • The progress of these coaches was amusing.
  • How extremely tardy has been the progress of civilization!
  • She rose and looked at the progress of the night.
  • Had the progress of the haughty boors been stayed?
  • Is socialism necessary to the progress of the race?
  • I keep track of the progress of mankind.
  • The progress of the expedition was slow and unsatisfactory.
  • We are the children of the progress of the human mind!
  • He then remained watching the progress of the fire.
  • The progress of the blockade was at first very slow.
  • The progress of his wooing was rapid enough.
  • We can best leave it calmly to the progress of the science.
  • The progress of the boats was much impeded by ice.
  • It is a joy to watch the progress of this good artist.
  • Merry almost to madness was the progress of the wine feast.
  • One sigh will check the progress of thy glory.
  • Their institution is one step in the progress of society.
  • The rains sadly interfered with the progress of the siege.
  • The progress of his recovery was slow, but it was sure.
  • The progress of his elevation is interesting, but hideous.
  • The swarms of fish often clog the progress of vessels.
  • Of course, she is interested in the progress of aviation.
  • Yet the slow progress of couriers must be depended upon.
  • There is nothing wrong with material progress, of course.
  • The progress of the Allies!
  • Thus, you see, the progress of civilization.
  • We rejoice in all the progress of England.
  • First he traced the progress of Strangeways.
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