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  • But the project was not then carried out.
  • The project was laid before her.
  • But that project was in vain.
  • My project was perhaps singular.
  • The project was in full swing.
  • The very boldness of the project was in its favor.
  • The project was complete in all its details.
  • The project was back in full operation now.
  • This project was an indication of a great mind.
  • It was not long before her project was put into execution.
  • The project was received with curiosity and interest.
  • The filter project was put into execution.
  • But the whole prudential project was in a moment overset.
  • I was now talking to, such a project was hopeless.
  • But I carried on, as the project was near completion.
  • And so it was that a cooperative testing project was developed.
  • This project was not received with favor by the crafty bishop.
  • The project was received with great favour by the friends of co-operation.
  • Finally, in 1666, this project was abandoned for reasons that remain obscure.
  • The project was the annexation of Ceuta to the French dominion.
  • A little before this time the Erie Canal project was successfully carried out.
  • The project was marred by the Premier's abandonment of his intention.
  • It then transpired that Burton's project was still entirely in nubibus.

How To Use Project Was In A Sentence?

  • He had had another offer, and this project was one in which he should himself have a share.
  • I explained to her, in few words, the objections to which her project was liable.
  • This project was transcribed from a contemporary printing of the work, not from the 1849 edition.
  • The project was almost at an end, with only a few final checks needed on the critical equations.
  • My project was strongly opposed by my friends, but I determined to carry it out.
  • The project was exceedingly unpopular, and was bitterly denounced on every hand, says Barnes.
  • It mattered little to the Solar Guard captain whether the project was a success or failure.
  • The use of the word gentleman sufficiently indicates the level of society from which this project was obtained.
  • Opinions differ as widely to-day as they did at the time when the project was first considered by the international committee in 1879.
  • The priest was struck by this, and did not have any argument against it; yet the project was evidently distasteful to him.
  • At every opportunity he raised his voice against it, and the weight of his influence was such that finally the whole project was given up.
  • Once we seriously considered building a sailboat, but the project was given up, as we had few facilities for such work.
  • For over a week now Dick had been aware that some project was under way by the others that he was purposely excluded from.
  • This project was heralded far and wide as a notable achievement, a conspicuous example of the growing altruism of business.
  • It was owing to Major Evans Bell and Mr. Walter Morrison that the project was successful.
  • This project was deferred, however, by the patient's wish to try the effect of sea-bathing.
  • This concession granted, there must naturally be found a market for his fish, and thus the fish market project was born.

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