Projects in a sentence

Definition of Projects

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of project | plural of project | (US, plural only, usually preceded by the) One or more high-density urban housing developments for residents having low incomes.

How to use Projects in a Sentence?

  • It put all my projects for social and political reconstruction upon a new uncomfortable footing.
  • But, ere the ensuing summer arrived, all these projects were rendered abortive!
  • He turned over in his mind various projects on their behalf as he walked down to the City.
  • At the time of full moon it is dazzling, and projects long rays from afar upon the lunar globe.
  • On all sides it projects beyond them, so that it is about 7 feet square; it is about 5 feet high.
  • Its success was a tremendous incentive to all other railroad projects in the North Country.
  • If I were to listen to all the projects proposed to me, I should ruin myself very soon.
  • Pitch thy behavior low, thy projects high, So shalt thou humble and magnanimous be.
  • Mining projects were already afoot in the country, but far to the north on Great Slave Lake.
  • The separator projects beyond the blocks so as to avoid the collection of carbon on the outer edges.
  • The function of that part of the external ear which projects from the head is to collect sounds and reflect them into the meatus.
  • The above three projects ruined some ministers under the old government, merely for having conceived them.
  • These projects extended straight through the succeeding thirty years, but in every case they failed.
  • From the center of the armature projects the tapper rod carrying the ball or striker which plays between the two gongs.
  • Innumerable were Orion's projects for acquiring the means to pay off the debt to me.
  • First, an accident might happen to the schoolmaster which should put a complete and final check upon his projects and contrivances.
  • Without a concurrence and adaptation of these to the design, the very best speculative projects might become not only useless, but mischievous.
  • One of the cylinders projects above the upper horizontal timber and has fitted over it, as a key, a long double-end sweep.
  • Scawthorne began a detailed inquiry into the humanitarian projects of which Joseph had given but a rude and contemptuous explanation.
  • Hamilton had expressed great interest in Miranda's projects and was a man of known ambition.
  • For people who like to see things growing, there are few projects that yield more genuine satisfaction than hardy-adapted varieties of nut trees.
  • Opposite the gilded gates of entrance which Trenta had unlocked, a black sarcophagus projects from the wall.
  • Orion had other projects for recouping me, but as they always required capital I stayed out of them, and they did not materialize.
  • We went out of London for week-ends and dined out, and began discussing our projects for reciprocating these hospitalities.
  • She was kept a close prisoner in a house just outside of Balak, and came to learn all of the infamous projects of her husband.
  • Everybody went there for counsel, submitted plans, and confided projects to this lady who had willingly exiled herself from Paris.
  • Various projects for buying cotton on a large scale for Germany were considered, discussed with the cotton interest and tested by small purchases.
  • One immense layer projects many feet, allowing a person or many persons, standing upright, to move freely beneath it.
  • The time and energy required to house them, or to feed them, unavoidably forced delay with projects on which Sandys had pinned his chief hopes.
  • Intelligence thus defines the content of sensation as something that is out of itself, projects it into time and space, which are the forms in which it is intuitive.

Short Example Sentence for Projects

  • Had his projects failed?
  • Both of these projects were undertaken by the state.
  • He had formed a conjecture about his projects early.
  • The right shoulder projects more frequently than the left.
  • Travels and travelling projects of Beethoven.
  • Man projects in vain, For God doth still ordain.
  • There had been a perfect epidemic of escape projects recently.
  • All our splendid projects were thickset with the first personal pronoun.
  • Irrigation Projects of the U. S. Reclamation Service.
  • Endless, my friend, the projects which the soul Burns to accomplish.

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