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  • The ventures of the other officers seemed to prove prolific sources of assessments.
  • The celerity of its progress arose from the prolific variety and nature of his possessions.
  • Such is the cause productive of pain; such is the prolific source of all miseries.
  • Weak growers like the Early Prolific might be placed between Jefferson and Monarch.
  • All the great orators of the world have been prolific writers in the sense of writing out their thoughts.
  • The style of dress which at the present day is almost universal, is a prolific cause of this deformity.
  • No word had come to her from her family all the week, although they were the most prolific letter writers, all of them.
  • The swamps, rocky wastes and flats and the land under water of a few years before became prolific sources of fortunes.
  • Of all the products of this prolific nineteenth century, the one most extensive and most profitable to the church still remains to be mentioned.
  • Illusions arising from a disordered condition of the eye, prompting the imagination, are a prolific source of ghost-seeing.
  • This gifted and prolific creator, whose work was affected by the war, has frequently lapsed into bombast and a journalistic imperialism.
  • Whereas the peach is a stocky tree, prolific and profitable to its owner, for to its unadmired and modest blossom succeedeth a toothsome fruitage.
  • They found it a plashy, swampy place, prolific in mangroves and true ferns, with here and there a cultivated patch.
  • A plant stunted in youth will never make a prolific tree; early and continuous growth can only be secured by deep and thorough cultivation.
  • The mango is nearly as abundant and prolific as the banana, and yet it came originally from the far East.
  • This great question has, in all ages, agitated and disturbed the human mind, and been a prolific source of atheistic doubts and scepticism.
  • The young trees begin to bear when they are about five years old, reach maturity at nine, and may be prolific for two centuries.
  • I have heard that the card-table is more prolific in quarrels than any other place in the world, and I saw the need of prudence.
  • The prolific germs of this method of the interpretation of Nature are also to be found in the writings of Spinoza.
  • Not a frequent or prolific seed bearer, it still insists on a moist loose seed-bed and prefers the natural forest floor to burned-over land.
  • New York is prolific of skeletons of this generic character, and Gottlieb had a magnificent collection.
  • Yet, why thus degrade matter, the plastic and prolific creature of the Deity, beyond what we are authorized to do?
  • The Apostolical Churches, as they severally grew, scattered from their bosoms a seed as prolific as their own.
  • Near the upper end of Long Island are other prolific bass shoals, where the fisherman may enjoy himself.
  • Of course the native butternut is perfectly hardy and prolific but until such time as the butternut curculio ceases to be a major pest we cannot expect to have good crops of them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prolific | Prolific Sentence

  • He was a prolific writer on astronomy.
  • Our return journey was not prolific of events.
  • He was a man of great learning and was a prolific writer.
  • The case was prolific in documents from all three sources.
  • The real Bickerstaffe was a prolific playwright.
  • Southward stretches the most prolific grain empire in the world.
  • Irving's creation as an exceedingly prolific race.
  • My brain for a moment brightened, became animated and prolific of ideas.
  • The negro race is, perhaps, the most prolific of all the human species.
  • Early Prolific is also largely planted, but does not suit all soils.
  • The Hungarian mind has been prolific for its stage, in original pieces.
  • Rivers' Early Prolific is said to be of the same race.
  • England indeed is quite as prolific of such works as the United States.
  • The decade of the '70's was prolific of Irish Catholic associations.
  • Meanwhile, I'm growing uncommonly prolific in the way of pot-boilers.

Definition of Prolific

Fertile; producing offspring or fruit in abundance — applied to plants producing fruit, animals producing young, etc. | Similarly producing results or works in abundance | (botany) Of a flower: from which another flower is produced.
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