Promenades In A Sentence

Definition of Promenades

plural of promenade

How To Use Promenades In A Sentence?

  • He is one to astonish drawing-rooms and bewilder promenades by the taste and elegance of his dress.
  • Elsewhere on the Riviera you have promenades embellished by great buildings and monuments and forts and exotic trees.
  • Up above they found fields of leads, endless promenades and squares, a stretch of undulating country which belonged to them.
  • These promenades were soon lengthened into rambles along the seashore or through the fragrant pine woods, Paul being her constant companion.
  • Les promenades a anes, les bains du matin, les dejeuners sur l'herbe, autant de pieges a mariage.
  • To-day promenades take the places of the old fortifications, and handsome residences stand where the simple sturdy fisherfolk once dwelt in their cottages.
  • With these aids the town authorities had the good sense to enforce cleanliness, and all manner of rules for making the streets fit for the lounging promenades of the well-dressed.
  • The Cascine Gardens, in the old days one of the gayest promenades in Europe, are as lonely as a cemetery.
  • One promenades the crowded deck happily, taking care not to tread on the staff spurs, and talks of fighting as if it were a thing of the half-forgotten past.
  • On the right of these promenades is the river, on the left the pyramidal hill, of the Cerro de San Cristoval.
  • The habit once established, it becomes what the lawyers style a precedent; and, in subsequent days, these habitual promenades excite no dangerous interpretations.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Promenades | Promenades Sentence

  • There is no want of promenades in the vicinity of the city.
  • Every one promenades there, from the dean downwards.
  • Gerande led her father towards the more pleasant promenades of the town.
  • But the rules strictly confined his promenades to the barracks yard.
  • Montpellier, est l'une des plus belles promenades qui existent.

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